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The announcement of the expulsion of millions of Syrian refugees from Turkey



Istanbul: A female minister of Turkey has said that all Syrian refugees in her country will be expelled from the country within a year.

This is the first statement of its kind by a senior Turkish official on the expulsion of Syrian refugees.

This was said by the female minister of family and social affairs of Turkey, Daria Yanek, while addressing an event in the city of Adana near the Syrian border.

Presidential and parliamentary elections are being held in Turkey next year, in which Syrian refugees are emerging as a conflict. Locally in Turkey, Syrian refugees are considered a burden.

In this regard, the ruling Justice and Development Party ‘Aq’ and the parties opposing it have the same position.

At the inauguration of the Old Home, Priyank supported the expected Turkish military operation against Kurdish forces in Syria. He said that Turkey will not allow a ‘terrorist’ state to be established in its neighbourhood.

That is why Turkey has been threatening to launch operations against the “Syrian Democratic Forces” in Syria for three months.

The Turkish minister added during the press conference that we will intensify our efforts and work with all our energy so that no Syrian remains on our land after 2023.

It should be noted that Ajna is located near the Syrian border and there are a large number of Syrian refugees who fled from Idlib and other cities.



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