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The Apprentice: The Feds Made a Shocking Cliffhanger Winter Finale for (Spoiler), But I’m Not Too Concerned

Spoilers ahead for Fall Fall Rookie: The Fedscalled “Flashback”.

Rookie: The Feds Its first winter finale aired, and “Flashback” proved that a spin-off could deliver the same intense and unexpected cliffhangers as those in the original series. Delve into the loop GarzaPanama’s past and the loss of a woman he clearly loved years ago, while being accused of espionage and arrested by the FBI in the present day. It was up to Simon And the team to find a way to help him without having to provide a lot of information. In the end, his name is cleared, and he takes a quiet moment to honor the dearly departed Camila…only to collapse to the ground. It was a shocking development, but I’m not scared yet!

How Rookie: The Feds left Garza’s life in danger



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