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The Battle for Democracy: A Poetic Reflection -By Ebere Chuks Onuedem

In the land where hope was born,

Where democracy is meant to run,

The people came out to vote,

With hope in their hearts and a dream afloat.

The air was filled with hope,

As we went to cast our vote.

The future looked bright and fair,

And we had faith in the power of will.

But as the day wore on, the clouds turned dark,

The sun was hidden, and the winds did bark.

The air turned tense, and the mood was grim,

As the powers that be began to scheme.

Alas, we were amazed at what we saw

The process we met was an eyesore

An absolute contrast of what we thought

For this day, we have all long waited

But the day was marred by violence,

A nation torn by voter suppression,

Intimidation, and disenfranchisement,

As the people’s will was subverted by a brutal intent.

Voters were attacked, some lost their lives,

As the elections became a battlefield of knives.

The power-hungry, with their selfish gain,

Subverted democracy, causing so much pain.

The people’s voices seem not to be heard,

Their votes discarded and their dreams denied.

The rulers, blinded by their greed,

Took away the people’s chance to be freed.

Oh, Nigeria, a land so blessed,

With so much promise and so much grace,

But your democracy is under threat,

By the greed and lust of those in power met.

We mourn for the lives lost in the fray,

For the hopes that were dashed and the dreams taken away.

But we must stand strong, and fight the fight,

To ensure democracy shines in the light.

For the people’s will cannot be subverted,

Their dreams cannot be overtaken, nor diverted.

So, we raise our voices in unity,



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