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The best Dyson Airwrap Dupes that cost a fraction of the real deal

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The Dyson Airwrap has won awards for its ability to curl and style your hair quickly without high heat that can damage your locks. Unfortunately, it comes at a high price of around $600, making it out of reach for most people. Fortunately, this is America, a country where quality dupes are welcomed with open arms. With that, there are plenty of Dyson Airwrap dupes on the market, waiting to give you a salon-level blowout that not more than your monthly car payment, but not all alternatives are created equal.

Now, for the record, if you have the financial resources to invest in a Dyson Airwrap Styler and want to go down that road, more power to you. If you want to drop $600, the original AirWrap Multi-styler is definitely worth its hefty price tag. The sleek, multi-purpose hair tool is designed to give you a pro-level blowout in no time — and without causing the heat damage, breakage, and split ends that other hot tools can cause. But if you just can’t swallow that price tag, it’s good to know you have similar options. Check out these Airwrap dupes because you shouldn’t to have going broke to have great hair.

The Shark FlexStyle is perhaps the most popular Airwrap dupe out there – so much so that it often sells out. It features a hair dryer and multistyler that you can transfer seamlessly (just twist and add your favorite attachment). Switch between four heat and three airflow settings to get that perfect look without burning your hair. Worth noting: At $280, it’s less than half the price of an Airwrap.

Screen Shot 2022 12 06 at 7.12

At $349, this hair device is definitely an investment, but it’s still significantly less expensive than the Airwrap. It features three interchangeable brush heads — an oval brush, a paddle brush, and a concentrator — to help you get the look you want. Cycle through four temperatures and three speeds, along with a cool shot button to seal your style.

Screen Shot 2022 12 06 at 7.09

The T3 AireBrush Duo has two attachments and gives you plenty of options. This way you can switch from tight locks with a paddle brush attachment to bouncy waves with a round brush. Just click on your brush of choice and get started. Offering a whopping 15 heat and speed combinations, the T3 uses the brand’s patented IonFlow technology to keep frizz at bay.

Screen Shot 2022 12 06 at 7.04

While this hot air styling brush doesn’t have multiple attachments, it’s a total game changer for people who have never tried a hot air brush before. The bestseller easily gives volume to your hair and lets you style it while you dry it. Choose from low, medium, high and cool settings and enjoy ceramic plus titanium tourmaline technology to protect your hair from heat damage and achieve great results. It’s also a total bargain at $45.

Screen Shot 2022 12 06 at 7.16

L’ange’s Le Duo differs slightly from the rest in that it looks more like a traditional curling iron – with a twist. The device dries your hair as you curl and once you open it up you’ll see a flat iron hidden inside to help you smooth it out. You simply regulate the temperature between 280 and 430 degrees and turn on the fan to cool down and dry your hair.

Screen Shot 2022 12 06 at 7.30

The Chi Spin N Curl uses similar technology to the Airwrap by gently pulling your hair into the device and producing quality curls effortlessly. The Spin N Curl’s unique tulip-like design also helps protect your fingers from accidental burns. Just choose a heat setting based on your hair type: low for fine hair, medium for medium length hair and high for coarse hair – then get to work.

Screen Shot 2022 12 06 at 7.32

At just over $20 right now, Conair’s hot air brush is the cheapest of the Airwrap dupe group. It puts out a whopping 1,000 watts of power and allows you to switch between a thermal brush, nylon brush, and boar bristle brush and concentrator to help you achieve a smooth finish. Dual ceramic technology provides even heat, while you can choose from two speeds depending on how much time you have left.


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