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The Big Brother Strategy That Fans Thought Was Truly Brilliant

Dan Gheesling, who appeared on the 10th and 14th seasons of “Big Brother,” was a master strategist if there ever was one. This was exemplified when he staged his own “funeral” during Season 14 as part of a last-ditch attempt to keep him in the house when all hope seemed lost.

But what exactly did his funeral entail? He obviously didn’t die, but being eliminated from “Big Brother” is arguably worse than passing away. Basically, the ambitious contestant convinced his housemates that he’d given up and accepted defeat, before proceeding to give an impassioned speech in which he showered them with emotional words and compliments.

However, things took a turn when he addressed his ally, Danielle, stating that she was dead to him over a mysterious incident that was never mentioned. His words shocked the houseguests and effectively gained some support for Dan, allowing him to stick around until the final. According to Entertainment Weekly, the incident is regarded as a historic moment in “Big Brother” history, and fans are still talking about it to this day.



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