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The candidate with the most money will win presidential election – Afe Babalola

Afe Babalola (SAN), one of Nigeria’s most prominent lawyers and founder of Afe Babalola University, has claimed that the presidential candidate who spends the most money would most likely win the 2023 presidential elections. 

He also warned that the present constitution of Nigeria cannot produce new leaders with new ideas. Instead, it can only aid in the recycling of old leaders.  

He, however, urged that Nigerians must develop the capacity to screen their preferred candidate based on age, academic qualification, character, personality and commitment to developing all levels of government.

Why money talks: Mr Babalola noted that the capacity spend money is the biggest difference in Nigerian elections. He said:

  • “It is not who can make a difference that will win the election, it is not the person who has all that it takes including age, health, education and patriotism that will win the election
  • “The winner of the election, I can bet it, is the person who has made money in this country. It is the person who has the money that will win.”

What Nigerians must do: He urged that Nigerians must screen anyone who wants to rule Nigeria, based on certain qualifications that should make the electable.

  • “A man who wants to rule the country has to be screened, and say what he will work out to do, a good manager, and what contribution to society.”

Present Constitution a roadblock: He also argued that unless the 199 constitution is repealed, which provides for new conditions on character and academic qualification.

  • “I still stand by my suggestion, if any election conducted under the present constitution cannot produce new leaders with new ideas, rather will merely result in recycling the same people who have brought Nigeria to grinding poverty,
  • “Experience is the best teacher, our bitter experience in 1999 thought that we are in need of a new constitution which provides for new conditions, which are respect for age, academic qualification, Character, personality and commitment to development at all levels of government as well as family background. These are things that must be screened about the new President.”


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