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The Chainsmokers are not brothers: Call Her Daddy Podcast revealtion sparks memefest on Social Media

The recent Call Her Daddy podcast with The Chainsmokers has left all shocked even sparking memes on the internet. The Chainsmokers has been one of the most popular pairs having fans all across the world with their music winning the hearts of all. However, it was recently after their episode at the Call Her Daddy podcast that they came into the limelight. The podcast episode has indeed shocked all with the shocking revelations made on the same.

Read ahead to know more about The Chainsmokers’ Call Her Daddy podcast shocks all and sparks memes on the internet.

The Chainsmokers’ Call Her Daddy podcast

Call Her Daddy podcast might have had lots of episodes that would have shocked all. But surely the one that came with The Chainsmokers was unbelievably shocking for all. The two members of The Chainsmokers, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart spoke about a lot of things in their Call Her Daddy podcast episode recently.

While the duo went on to talk even about their sex life. Some of the netizens started thinking that Alex and Andrew might be brothers. Not just that, the shocking revelations that the duo made even sparked hilarious memes on the internet. As fans have really not been thinking about what The Chainsmokers said.

Shocking revelations by The Chainsmokers on Call Her Daddy podcast

The Chainsmokers’ Call Her Daddy podcast made Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart speak a lot about their life. As they went on to share about how while touring in Europe, The Chainsmokers shared bedrooms together. Not just that, one of the shocking revelations from the duo came when they talked about their se* life.

The Chainsmokers shocked all in their Call Her Daddy podcast when they said that the duo has had threesomes together several times. While some even started thinking that Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart might be brothers. But is that really so?

Are The Chainsmokers brothers? Hilarious memes go viral on the internet

Well, though there might have been confusion about The Chainsmokers being brothers. It isn’t so as they are not related to each other. Further, post the latest podcast episode of The Chainsmokers, the internet has been full of memes on the same. Internet has been making hilarious memes viral about The Chainsmokers.

Especially for the shocking revelations about threesomes with a fan that the duo admitted having. Meanwhile, netizens have really been shocked at the unbelievable experiences that the duo shared that happened between them behind closed doors.

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