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‘The Challenge’ Fans Call out Michele Fitzgerald and Her Messy Game on ‘Ride or Dies’ — ‘In Terms of Gameplay She Keeps Getting Worse’

The Challenge Season 38 has seen Michele Fitzgerald and teammate Jay Starrett make some questionable decisions, according to fans. The Survivor stars are being called out for their disappointing strategy — especially Michele for her messy game during Ride or Dies. As one viewer noted, “in terms of gameplay she keeps getting worse.”

‘The Challenge’ and ‘Survivor’ star Michele Fitzgerald | Rob Kim/Getty Images

Michele Fitzgerald and Jay Starrett don’t know how to use their power in ‘The Challenge’

Michele and Jay both have competition reality TV experience, and neither one is a Challenge rookie. So, fans are wondering why their gameplay has been so terrible in season 38. While it’s true that the Ride or Dies season has a setup that creates enemies for the team that wins the daily challenge, Michele and Jay haven’t figured out how to use that power to their advantage.



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