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The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 12: Who was eliminated?

Tonight, The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 12 taught us a few valuable things — namely, ones revolving around Jordan. He’s only willing to go so far when it comes to keeping his reputation as a “straight-up” player. There are lines that can potentially be crossed, and some major consequences that come along with that.

To be frank here, Jordan was not about Tory trying to leverage relationships outside the game within it; as a result of that, he made it clear that his moves with the Zone tonight were almost entirely tied to that. He decided to put Faysal into elimination, and that was one of a couple of surprises. After all, Moriah burned her vote and effectively threw her Ride or Die into the battle!

So who was he facing? After Chauncey was declared safe with the dagger, he had the difficult decision as to who to throw in there: Bananas or Nelson. He saved Bananas, and that led to a Nelson – Faysal showdown that was one for the books. Nelson just couldn’t get it done at the end of the day.

Was anyone else surprised that this was so emotional? We think a lot of it is just due to a lot of the people who love Nelson and wanted to see him succeed. He was as disappointed as anyone to leave at this point, and felt like he let down his fans in the process. We do think that we’re going to see him again and with that in mind, there’s nothing to be worry about when it comes to the long-term future.

Also, who knows what the future holds when it comes to him and Olivia? (Of course, the producers playing “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls amidst his exit really added to the emotional impact here.)

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What did you think about the events of The Challenge: Ride or Dies episode 12 on MTV this week?

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