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The coming Google AI event will usher in a new way to search

Google is stepping up its AI endeavors to compete with the likes of OpenAI whilst providing better services. To make their AI solutions known to the public, Google will hold an event in a few days. This event will take place in Paris and will be live-streamed on Google’s official YouTube channel.

From the available information regarding this event, it will last for 40 minutes. The event will bring to light the future of search on Google and how AI will bring some improvements. This event will take place on February 8th which is just a few days away from today.

In-depth details on this event are still a bit vague at the moment. However, Google is stepping up its game to better compete with OpenAI in the integration of AI into online services. Here is all the information available regarding this coming Google AI event.

Google’s coming event aims to improve AI integration into search services

Last year, OpenAI announced the launch of the AI model to the public. This product, ChatGPT, became very popular on the internet with tons of users asking random questions and getting detailed feedback. The popularity of this AI-enabled platform has drawn the attention of some big tech firms.

Microsoft has already gone into a partnership with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into the Bing search engine. This integration will put Google’s search engine at risk if nothing is done soon. To save their business, Google is working hard to introduce AI models in their search engine.

This integration will improve how users find and interact with the information they get from the Google search platform. Google aims to make the search experience “more natural and intuitive than ever before” to help users to find what they need. More information on this integration will be made available in the coming Google AI event.

Google search features such as shopping, lens search, text translation and so much more are set to get improvements. Users around the world will get these improvements on Google search via an update. The tussle to top the search industry with AI integration has begun, and Google is stepping up its game.



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