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The Ending Of G-Force Explained

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When the G-Force team accidentally gets themselves taken to Elia’s Pet Shop, one of their new acquaintances is a guinea pig named Hurley. Though he comes across as fairly laid-back, Hurley soon reveals that behind his relaxed demeanor is a desperate desire to be part of a family. He even begins theorizing that he and G-Force leader Darwin are brothers separated at birth, based on some fairly superficial physical evidence. To be fair, these rumors aren’t unfounded as they do look alike, but Hurley’s theory is never confirmed.

Hurley ends up escaping the pet shop with Darwin when Bucky — a territorial and very on-edge hamster — accidentally exposes a trap door that leads to a secret exit. From there, Hurley and Darwin uncover more evidence of Project Clusterstorm’s existence, including a Saberling Coffeemaker that turns into a sentient, weaponized automaton. Hurley even plays a major role in helping Darwin stop Clusterstorm, albeit nearly at the cost of his life.

Darwin isn’t particularly thrilled by Hurley or his claims that they’re brothers at first, and grows frustrated when Hurley fails at serving as G-Force’s extraction operative during their second mission at Saber’s mansion. Yet Hurley’s selfless act changes Darwin’s mind, and he finally accepts Hurley as an official G-Force recruit and honorary sibling.