The Eu could fine Meta and Apple for different reasons

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If it’s any governmental body that can get work done, it’s the EU. It’s very strict about companies obeying the DMA (Digital Markets Act) rules set forth. As such, many companies make changes to their services in order to stay in line. According to a new report, The EU could fine both Apple and Meta, and it could be for two separate reasons. Right now, these fines aren’t finalized, so there’s a chance that both of these companies could avoid paying the EU.

The EU could fine both Apple and Meta

Undoubtedly, Apple and Meta are two of the biggest companies in the world. Their services have a great effect on the lives of the people of Europe. So, it’s important that these companies stay in line. This is why the EU is not shy about bringing down the hammer if a company does something it doesn’t like.

In the case of Apple, there was some drawn-out drama surrounding how it handles mobile payments made through iOS. As reported by the Financial Times, Apple has a tactic of charging app developers for suggesting third-party payment options. As you may know, Apple takes a whopping 30% cut of purchases made through the App Store. Many companies have been outspoken about how absurd that is like Epic Games.

Apple has been pulling stops to squash any chance of people making purchases on third-party payment options. It outright forbids any developers from advertising third-party payment systems within their apps or even externally. So, the company could pay the price for this practice. Right now, we don’t know how much the fine could be.


As for Meta, its potential fine is for something different. Reuters reported that the EU could fine the company for the ad-free version of its Meta Verified subscription plan. The company brought this plan about as a response to the EU blocking the company from collecting data to curate ads to European citizens. Paying a bit more each month will eliminate ads throughout the platform. We’re not 100% sure why the EU is planning on charging Meta.

Also, we don’t know how much money Meta will have to pay if found in violation. Right now, the EU is issuing preliminary findings on both cases, so the fines aren’t finalized just yet. If they are in violation, then Apple will be charged first.