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Warning: contains spoilers for Boruto chapter 71!

As the details of Deamon’s abilities become more known, it’s only natural for Boruto fans to see him now as so overpowered that neither Naruto nor Sasake (let alone Boruto or Kawaki) would be able to stop him. However, there was a time when his power levels were even greater than they are at present.

Deamon is a ninja cyborg that was created by Amado for the secret Kara Organization. Kara was founded by Isshiki Otsutsuki through his vessel Jigen with the purpose of harvesting another God Tree for the glory of the Otsutsuki clan. Naturally, Kara needed some “muscle” to help it accomplish its goals, and so Amado was tasked with providing the organization the means to protect itself and its interests until Isshiki was able to resurrect himself. Amado accomplished this by constructing a range of cyborg minions. However, in creating Daemon, and his sister Eida, Amado made them so powerful that even Jigen feared them and ordered them destroyed. The command was ignored and rather than being destroyed, Daemon and Eida were put in cold storage. Code released them after the death of Isshiki, in the hopes that they would be helpful in achieving the group’s goals.

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In Boruto chapter 71, Code and Daemon get into a fight where even an “unrestrained” Code has trouble overcoming Daemon’s abilities to perfectly reflect the intent of any opponent against themselves. However, after lower-level Kara member Bug reveals that Daemon’s reflection powers only work when “he’s touching others with his hands,” Daemon adjusts his tactics such that his attacks do not give Daemon the opportunity to “lay his hands” on him. Still, even without his reflection abilities, Daemon proves the stronger foe, as he forces Code to retreat from the area of operation and use one of his portals to escape with Bug.

The primary takeaway that the chapter offers fans is that Daemon might just be the new “meta” or unstoppable villain. To be sure, there is a reasonable argument that once Daemon is able to touch an opponent, the only option an opponent has to win or stay alive would be to quit any ill feelings they may have towards him. Even bereft of his reflective abilities, Daemon demonstrates that while small in stature, he is every bit the killer even Isshiki had second thoughts about.

However, the god-level power that Daemon enjoys is actually much less lethal than it was just a few chapters ago. In Boruto Chapter 59, after Code realizes that he is now the boss of the re-constituted remnants of Kara, he travels to the laboratory hoping to recruit much-needed assistance. Ultimately, he releases Daemon to the shock of the laboratory’s security personnel who move in to “get rid of” him as per their orders. They commence their attack at distance from Daemon, however he still causes each attempted attack to reflect back onto the attacker. In this case, Daemon was using his powers without touching one of the security guards.

Unless something happened “off-screen” between Chapters 59 and 71 that explains Daemon’s change of abilities, the only explanation is that creator Masashi Kishimoto retconned Daemon’s powers to make him less over-powered than he originally was. While there are countless reasons why this may have been deemed necessary, the most obvious would be that without the change, none of Boruto‘s heroes would be able to stop him.

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Boruto chapter 71 is available now via the Viz Media website.

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