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The Flash: How Many Episodes Are There In Total?

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However, despite strong critical acclaim overall, “The Flash” gradually fell out of favor with its audience. This is clearly demonstrated by the 60% overall score it has for fans on Rotten Tomatoes, compared to the much more positive 89% it boasts from critics.

While this means that “The Flash” can definitely be a bit of a divisive watch, it does offer a place to see some of the strangest, most offbeat characters in DC Comics. Both King Shark (David Hayter) and Gorilla Grodd (David Sobolov) make appearances throughout the series, among many others, showing that “The Flash” is not afraid to tackle the weirder aspects of the comics that inspired it.

Unfortunately, not even this level of faithfulness could keep fans interested over the course of the show’s nine seasons. As a result, viewership fell over the series’ run, leading to “The Flash” being canceled, and The CW show’s truncated final season had its lowest ratings of all. Still, the good news for those looking at blaze through the series’ 184 episodes is that they may not have to watch the entire thing at all but can tune out whenever they feel a particular season is losing speed.