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The Following: Why the Excellent Thriller Series Ended Too Soon

The Following is an excellent thriller series that lasted for three seasons. As a show, it had a great atmosphere, some unique twists, and a mastery of the cop show formula that made it an engaging watch. Here are some reasons why it is a shame that it ended too soon.

It is a shame that The Following ended so soon because it was widely well-received. The Following has a certified fresh rating and positive audience scores on several review sites. Reviewers praised the execution of the action and how it played on cop show tropes in a fun way. This led to a dynamic where some aspects of the show were predictable while still leaving the possibility for the show to take a left turn. Critics did take issue with some of the plotlines and logical inconsistencies in the plot. Still, they said they did not detract from the experience overall.

The audience liked Kevin Bacon and his performance in the show. Each episode keeps you addicted to the story through its well-written formula. It balances making a show about catching a serial killer a much more humorous and light affair than you would otherwise see. The show also has elements for different audiences, such as ultra-violence, mystery, and horror tropes.

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With its numerous twists and turns, The Following does an excellent job of building a suspenseful atmosphere. When watching the show, you have no idea who will turn out to be a good guy and who will be a bad guy. There are scenes of intense violence befitting of a serial killer chase show that reinforce the deadly consequences for your favorite characters if they fail. The serial killer always seems to be two steps ahead, just out of reach of the investigators. Introducing a cult of killers makes the atmosphere particularly eerie, which means danger is around every turn, and no one can be trusted.

The show makes good use of classic horror tropes and hyper-violence to add weight and impact to scenes. These aspects add tension to the already suspenseful writing and well-written dialogue in the show’s plot twists.

The Following keeps to the tried and true methods of the cop procedural, but this is a strength of the series. It sticks to familiar tropes like not having enough backup and the witty criminal who keeps the FBI agents guessing. The show is reasonably accurate to FBI investigations, which aligns with how the FBI is usually portrayed in books and television shows.

The show features a nice blend of interpersonal drama and thrilling mystery. It is not afraid to retread similar territory to other shows and even rehash previously used plot lines. The formulaic approach to the show allows its left turns to hit harder because you are used to anticipating the trappings of the cop show genre. With these aspects, you don’t get a wholly original show, but one that treads established tropes and carries the refined procedural formula. Overall, it makes for a solid version of the cop procedural that keeps its details tight.

The show featured some great acting from all the performers, but Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy definitely stand out. James Purefoy plays an escaped death row inmate who starts on a path of violence and murder after his escape. Kevin Bacon plays the FBI agent who is hot on his trail. The scenes that Bacon and Purefoy have together are mesmerizing, and their characters have an oil and water dynamic. Bacon’s character is grumpy, regretful, and downtrodden despite being on the good side, while Purefoy’s character is cheerful and collected despite being the villain. This contrast creates a chilling performance whenever the two are on screen.

The Following also features superb performances from Natalie Zea, Annie Parisse, Shawn Ashmore, and Valorie Curry. Many of the minions of Purefoy’s character deliver some of the strongest performances of the show. The performances really make the cult follower premise feel grounded where it could have been a schlocky part of another show.

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One of the best aspects of The Following was the exciting premise. A charismatic serial killer has a cult of believers that has infiltrated everywhere in society, including the FBI. In the mind of the serial killer, all the show’s events follow a story that he has created and assembled followers to perform.

These cult members are fiercely loyal and will do Purefoy’s bidding without question. Some of the best scenes are seeing Purefoy interact with his followers and seeing the twisted things that they get up to. The Edgar Allen Poe references peppered throughout the show give The Following extra layers that make it more than the sum of its parts.



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