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The founder of Terraria Studio wants to bring Crossplay into the game

Re-Logic founder Andrew ‘Redigit’ Spinks recently told PC Gamer that the He wants to bring in cross-play to Terraria. Re-logic Vice President Whitney “Cenx” Spinks added in a response on Twitter Mutual play not guaranteedbut the team really wants to make it happen someday.

The developers also mentioned that Latest update 1.4.5, is already the final update to the game and is considered internal. It would also be more accurate to say that the game update lifecycle is already over, and this is just an update to “finish things” as Redigit says. The update is supposed to add an epic crossover between Terraria and Dead Cells, along with some minor content like a whip, a sacred-themed furniture set, and some kind of boulder that drops upwards, among others.


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Conversations about cross-play aren’t exactly new. The developer has opened up to the possibility before, At that time in 2021He said the team wanted to implement cross-play and cross-save across all platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile. It should be noted that there is already a cross-play function between IOS and Android platforms, a cross-generation multiplayer function that allows PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users to play together, and the same for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S users.

Traria is a labor of love

In short, what players have been waiting for is cross-play between the desktop version, the console version, and the mobile version of Terraria. Redigit told PC Gamer that the feature is “in the works,” and said in November that “cross-play planning is in full swing,” so the news here seems to be that the team has taken active steps toward that goal. Relogic also said he intends to wrap things up, so a new game will start soon, which puts more question marks on the team’s priorities right now.

The Terraria team’s next project is currently unknown, but Spinks has shared it Concept art for Terraria 2World map shortly before update 1.4.4 was released, and the official account was teasing The presence of a sequel For a while now, the team has clearly been working on something.

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