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The funny campaign jingle in which Caetano Veloso and other famous Brazilians ask to vote for Lula



The campaign of Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva added a spot with a catchy jingle. In a video, several people appear making the L gesture with their hands, in support of the former president and calling for the vote of the undecided or those who have another alternative, in the framework of a polarized election between the leader of the PT and the current leader, far-right Jair Bolsonaro.

“Change Maria’s vote, Joao’s vote, colleague’s votethe vote of the padrón, of the father, of the lawyer, of his partner, of his boyfriend, of his neighbor, the vote of the family, changes the vote thanks to the daughter, changes the vote by Whatsapp, Face and Instagram”, they sing in the jingle, with a view to the elections on October 2, in which Caetano Veloso appears.

“Change your vote today, think about tomorrow, each change of vote is courage, resistance, hope, change the vote today for the future of a country”closes the jingle, calling for an end to four years of far-right rule.



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