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The Future is Now: ChatGPT Co-Writes South Park episode

AI seems to be the hottest topic right now. OpenAI started a revolution with its ChatGPT, and thanks to it, the whole tech segment noticed that AI is the next big thing. Microsoft invested billion in OpenAI tech in a bid to boost its advancements, and there are many other players partnering with the company to get into GPT’s expertise. The fact is that the technology behind the chatbot can generate natural texts to reply to your queries. Some variations of the tech can even generate images or create full 3D worlds in the metaverse. Now, it seems that GPT also has a certain talent to create good stories. The creators of South Park are always there to bring modern themes to the adult cartoon. Now they seem to have used ChatGPT to write parts of an episode focused on AI.

As usual South Park uses some doses of sarcasm to poke into the new trending topic. The latest episode is focused on artificial intelligence. It was released on March 29 and is titled Deep Learning. It sees the students at South Park Elementary discovering a new tech that can write their homework. This is not too far from reality, after all, some teachers are concerned with the use of ChatGPT in cheating. While it’s a powerful tool to help with study, it can also give direct responses, eliminating the actual work.

ChatGPT shows all its writing skills in the latest South Park episode

The South Park episode ends with the credits saying “written by Trey Parker and ChatGPT”. Worth noting, that this can just be sarcasm. This won’t be a first for the creators of the cartoon. However, if it’s not, then we’re actually seeing an episode that uses part of ChatGPT’s work. In fact, with the right commands, the chatbot can generate stories. Interestingly, the credits also mention that some voices of the episode, the voice of ChatGPT itself, were created using’s AI-powered text-to-voice generator. So this is more than just an episode, it’s basically a demonstration that AI can soon replace human creativity.

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ChatGPT can deliver human-like replies to questions and demands. The tech makes use of neural networks, that mimic the architecture of the brain to process information and learn. It has been stealing countless headlines in recent months. It arrived with a simple goal, but now, it seems that the AI can easily create emails, write TV episodes, and even computer code. The South Park episode tries to show everything that this tech represents in the world. Or should I say new-world? Yeah, ChatGPT certainly started a change in the way the world works.

As per the report, it seems that AI is not a new thing for the creators of South Park. Trey Parker and Matt Stone set up their own AI entertainment studio, Deep Voodoo. It recently got $20 million in funding to develop “deep fake tech, cost-effective visual effect services, and original synthetic media projects”.



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