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The global e-commerce market will reach a total revenue of 4.2 trillion dollars by the end of 2022



Ecommerce sales figures are steadily increasing. According to Statista Digital Market Outlook, the global e-commerce market was worth more than 3.8 billion dollars in 2021 and will reach total revenues of 4.2 billion dollars by the end of 2022. And all of these trends are not only leading to an increase in e-commerce sales figures in absolute terms. Current statistical analysis shows an increasing relevance of electronic commerce in the global retail business.

In 2021, e-commerce represented the 16% of total world retail receipts. In other words, one in every six dollars spent on the purchase of retail goods in the world went to an online seller.

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The analysts of Statistical Digital Market Outlook they expect a significant increase in the relevance of e-commerce in total retail. After an increase of 6 percentage points, e-commerce is expected to represent the 22% of total retail revenue in 2022.

E-commerce will gain importance in all product categories. Pioneering categories of e-commerce, such as consumer electronics or clothing, they already had high odds online in 2021.

50% of revenue in the consumer electronics category was generated from e-commerce in 2021. Although the category is fairly mature in e-commerce, another significant increase is anticipated. After an increase of twenty-one%consumer electronics is projected to achieve an online revenue share of 60% in 2025.

The apparel and beauty and personal care categories are set to see similar rates of online share growth. The growth champion in terms of online shares in total retail revenue is a highly immature e-commerce product category: food and beverage.

The share of e-commerce in the category is expected to grow from 5% in 2021 to 7% in 2025, which is still low by comparison, but corresponds to an increase of almost 50%. The pandemic was seemingly the missing spark to trigger a sustainable rise of e-commerce in the food and beverage market.



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