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The Good Doctor went to Full Gray’s Autopsy to solve the bloody Cliffhanger problem, but did it work to start Season 6?

Spoilers are waiting for the sixth season premiere of good doctor On ABC, it’s called “After Party” and the sixth season of instinct anatomy.

As expected after how Fifth season finale good doctor is over , Shun And the yaA wedding was interrupted in the worst way shortly after the season six premiere began. Fans will remember that the spring finale ended with Dr. Lim And the Villanova nurse He was brutally stabbed by the former nurse who abused him, while the sound of music at the reception meant that none of the other doctors had heard of what had happened. It seems that the main story for the start of Season 6 will be whether or not they will survive good doctor Instead it went full instinct anatomy With a story that summoned a return to one of the most iconic drama arcs. But is a reminder of another medical play a good way to start Season 6?



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