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The Influx Of Divorce Cases; What Is The Way Out? -By Mukhtar Garba Kobi

Finally, ladies should be lowering their money egos, excessive love of luxuries or looking after rich families, instead they should be focusing on sensible, responsible people that truly love them.

Marriage is a solid foundation that formalizes different genders to have affairs which usually lead to procreation alongside lowering the level of adultery and fornications in the lands. Beauty has contributed in attracting many ladies into marriages but could not stand the test of time as all that glitters is not gold. Money nowadays is what lures short-minded ladies into relationships that consequently lead to marriage but what most of them yet to understand is that money never last forever. The first mistake we make as humans before marriage is allowing our hearts to be influenced by physical body features or the gravity of one’s pocket, they are pertinent in life but not as important as building a marriage from the start on truth which pave way for a peaceful matrimonial life.

In most times, one should ponder twice when it comes to choosing a life partner, marriage is indubitably meant till eternity whereby only death will set them apart; couples should not let their future children to curse them for the wrong partners they chose. The level of mother’s knowledge does not make her a saint but applying them into practice and her good habits could be seen in the way and manner her children behave. Similarly, they say stich in time saves nine, this proverbs goes in-line with when a guy select a pious woman, she always thinks outside the box but her opposite has narrow understanding of life itself talkless of coaching her biological children. People should be using sense coupled with good behavioral conduct when choosing husband or wife not only considering desires that fade as time flies.

Moreover, the rate of marriages have significantly increased, it is difficult for a week to pass without attending weddings of relatives, friends or neighbors; yet those marriages last for short period of times. Some parents are eager to give hands’ of their daughters in marriage than enrolling them to learning in higher institutions which is not possible due to the unbearable tuition fees, while some ladies lacked home training and they start following guys, spending nights away, going to clubs and mingling with opposite genders; their parents marry them off to anyone who is willing and ready not minding whether she loves him or not. Often times, we believe what we see but when it comes to marriage seeing is not believing, marriage is not meant for the joy of one, it is for two souls to live in harmony forever as one.

Factors that lead to increase in divorce cases therefore includes forceful marriage, tying marital knot because of wealth, irresponsibility of husbands, alcoholism and intoxication as well as excessive love of luxuries. After marriages, true and hidden habits of partners are revealed, when the love before marriage are built on lies and fake lifestyles, the marriage would never last long; few that endure to stay in such marriages are been hurt emotionally that results in cardiovascular infections or hypertension. Also, hatred from husband’s mother or relatives when wife is unable to conceive or give birth, daily misunderstandings between couples, disrespect to the parents by marriage partners, carelessness and showing less concern to the wife or husband are triggering reasons that lead to divorce.

In conclusion, for couples to have long lasting marriages, they should be building relationships even before marriage on truth, decency and shun any act that would lead to regret or divorce. As a man, if she is the most beautiful to you, then wait and rethink whether she fit to be regarded as the best mom in bearing, counselling and putting your future children on right track; if she is the opposite just forget about her and find solace somewhere. Parents should stop giving their daughters’ hands in marriages to people just because they are rich, title holders or politicians; good behavioral conducts need to be prioritized. Finally, ladies should be lowering their money egos, excessive love of luxuries or looking after rich families, instead they should be focusing on sensible, responsible people that truly love them.

Mukhtar writes from Bauchi and can be reached via [email protected]



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