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The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 5 Recap and Ending, Explained



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After learning more about Nina’s ex-boyfriend from Billy, Ptolemy Grey talks to Nina in the fifth episode of Apple TV+’s drama series ‘The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey.’ With the help of Niecie, Grey conducts a memorial service in the wake of Reggie’s death and talks to Nina about Reggie’s murder, the future of her children, and her ex-boyfriend.

Along with Robyn, Grey visits a lawyer to prepare his will irrespective of Robyn’s disagreement regarding the terms he wants to add to the will. Since the episode ends with a startling revelation concerning Reggie’s murderer, we have taken a closer look at the details. Here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode of the show, titled ‘Nina,’ begins with Grey dreaming about a murder he witnessed when he was a little child. He wakes up and calls Nina but talks to Alfred, who picks up the phone. Grey confirms that Alfred is Nina’s ex-boyfriend and realizes that they have gotten back together. Robyn and Grey visit Moishe Abromovitz, a lawyer, and Grey explains to him that he needs a will with Robyn as the custodian of his assets. They also go to retrieve a Brasher doubloon that was a part of Coydog’s doubloons.

When Grey and Robyn return to the apartment, the latter informs Grey that she cannot be responsible for such an enormous sum, only for Grey to convince her otherwise. Robyn tells him that she will consider it. Grey and Robyn go to Reggie’s memorial service and the former gives Nina $5000 for her immediate needs. He also promises that he will take care of Reggie’s children’s college costs. After the memorial service, Grey talks to Nina about Alfred. She tells him that she doesn’t know whether Alfred was involved in Reggie’s murder.

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey Episode 5 Ending: Did Alfred Kill Reggie? Will He Stay Away from Nina?

Yes, Alfred killed Reggie. After the memorial service, Grey talks to Nina about Reggie’s plans to move to Texas because of Alfred’s presence in their married life. Grey confirms with Nina that Alfred knew about Reggie’s plan. Even though Nina doesn’t know whether Alfred did kill her husband, Grey connects the dots and realizes that Alfred is the one who shot his great-nephew dead. As the last piece of the puzzle, Grey wants to confirm whether Alfred has spiky hair and a scar above his left eye. Alfred arrives at Niecie’s house to see Nina, only for Grey to confirm that Alfred does match the eyewitness’ description.

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Even after realizing that Alfred is Reggie’s killer, Grey asks the man to meet him the next day to make a deal. Grey offers him money to stay away from Nina and Reggie’s children, although Alfred believes that he is the father of one of the two children. The deal he proposes to Alfred can be a trap Grey lays to avenge the death of Reggie. As someone who has traded his life and memory to find the killer of Reggie, it is unlikely that Grey will offer Alfred money and let him leave. Grey is wise enough to know that Alfred — who killed Reggie to regain Nina — wouldn’t be leaving her just because of the money he offers.

As the opening scene of the show suggests, we can expect Grey to make sure that Alfred will stay away from Nina and Reggie’s children by possibly killing him. His love for Reggie will not allow him to let his great-nephew’s children live with the murderer of their father. Grey knows that Alfred will meet him for the money even if he doesn’t want to leave, potentially paving the way for him to exact vengeance on Alfred for killing Reggie.

Is Grey Losing His Memory Again?

Yes, Grey is losing his memory again. When Grey accepts to undergo Dr. Rubin’s treatment to regain his memory, the doctor makes it clear that the effect of his drugs will diminish in a few weeks and accelerate Grey’s memory loss as the after-effect. Even though not significantly yet, Grey starts to lose his memory again as the period of the drug’s effects comes to an end. While delivering a eulogy for Reggie, Grey gets stuck and loses his composure temporarily. Grey pulls himself together to complete the eulogy but he realizes that he is slowly losing his memory.

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Even though a clock is ticking over Grey’s memory, he may be satisfied that he fulfilled two of his objectives — finding Reggie’s killer and locating Coydog’s treasure. Since he has Robyn to look after the treasure and make use of it as per Coydog’s aspirations, Grey may embrace the loss of his memory without any regrets. Although he pays a price for undergoing Dr. Rubin’s treatment, Grey can await the last days of his life peacefully as he does everything he wanted to do with his life.

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Is Toscana Based on a True Story?



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Mehdi Avaz helmed the Danish-English bilingual feel-good romance movie ‘Toscana.’ At the intersection of culinary genius and the natural splendor of the vast countryside, the film reminds us to follow our hearts despite the jitters. The story unfolds from the perspective of Theo, who, at the brink of an established Michelin-star-laden career in Denmark, returns to his village in Tuscany to sell his father’s sprawling mansion. The mansion is in bad shape, and Theo needs the money to save his restaurant.

In the meantime, Theo meets Sophia, an unapologetic attendant at the modest restaurant of Theo’s father. As they are drawn closer, Sophia shows Theo the beauty of a more simplistic way of life. The ending is subdued and serene, in accordance with the rest of the movie. Beautifully shot, poignantly written, and with a calming progression, the film manages to make something unique and refreshing out of its moderately conventional development. However, you may wonder whether the movie is based on a true story. In that case, we have your back.

Is Toscana a True Story?

No, ‘Toscana’ is not based on a true story. However, the feel-good ambiance and the culinary extravaganza lend the movie a magical attire, and its insistence on staying in the present gives the story a universal charm. Mehdi Avaz directed the film from a story he penned with acclaimed screenplay author Nikolaj Scherfig of ‘Heartless’ fame. With brothers Misam and Milad Avaz, Mehdi forms a dynamic trio. The Avaz brothers made quite an uproar with their 2017 breakthrough success, ‘While We Live.’ Two years later, Mehdi helmed a drama named ‘KOLLISION,’ which wowed the audience and the critics, selling nearly two hundred and fifty thousand tickets.

In 2020, the brothers teamed up again to release their dream-project, TV 2 Zulu crime series ‘Alfa,’ which was a rating magnet in the network. Following the series, the brothers parted ways to rear their visions while helping each other. Mehdi’s life and focus were drastically changed when he became the father of two frolicking boys and the urge to enjoy life figures in the movie. Consequentially, ‘Toscana’ marks the first feature film for the director with a life-affirming charm. As the director preaches in his own words, ‘They must dare to give in, re-saddle and let new people in.’

The movie aspires to make us believe in ourselves and propel us to make the best of a situation. It aims to show that all the struggle and effort you put into bettering your heritage and community is worth it. As we are in a world that seems averse to change, we should also remember why we must root for art, do what we love, and remember the past. The resulting soiree is vulnerable, honest, and touching. In part, the movie’s charm lies in Anders Matthesen, as it features the famed comedic actor in a role out of his comfort zone. However, the actor proves that he is comfortable with a vast range of emotions, as he commendably brings out the essence of the character.

Apart from the star present, however, the movie shines in its comprehensive depiction of Tuscany, with lights, life, people, music, dance, and food. The dishes, especially the first dish that Theo makes with bacon, come off as art pieces. We do not know about Anders Matthesen’s cooking skills, but the production took the help of a famous chef to pull off the magic on the plate. Thomas Herman, who has achieved global fame from his work at La Broche in Madrid, Arzak in San Sebastián, Falsled Kro, and King Hans Kælder, joined the team as a food consultant. Therefore, the movie crafted a magical ambiance grounded in mundane realism as all the ingredients fell in place.

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Is Angelyne Based on a True Story?



FireShot Capture 584 NUP 190285 01661 EMBED 2022.jpg 1000×652 e1652811178695

‘Angelyne’ on Peacock tells the remarkable story of the self-styled famous-for-being-famous titular icon and her effervescent past. Through featuring on dozens of strategically placed billboards across Los Angeles, Angelyne reaches celebrity status. Meanwhile, her hidden past, about which she remains tight-lipped, makes reporters increasingly curious, and astonishing details are slowly revealed.

The show follows what appears to be a quintessential Hollywood icon, even including interviews with those that came and went from her life. Much of the narrative seems to be filmed in a documentary-style setting, so just how much of ‘Angelyne’ is actually true? Let’s find out.

Is Angelyne a True Story?

Yes, ‘Angelyne’ is based on a true story. The Peacock series is based on the real Los Angeles icon of the same name and draws from journalist Gary Baum’s 2017 article in The Hollywood Reporter. Interestingly, the show is actually lead actress Emmy Rossum’s brainchild, and she spent years working on bringing the series to fruition before it actually did. Though Rossum and the real Angelyne don’t look alike, the actress said she found the transformation she underwent to look like Angelyne to be quite liberating.

When Rossum shared Baum’s 2017 article with her writer-producer husband, Sam Esmail, he was initially taken aback. However, he recognized the themes of “reinvention” and “rebirth from trauma” that abound in Angelyne’s story. Rossum had to cross quite a few hurdles to make the series a reality, including optioning Baum’s article. Incidentally, Baum’s actual meeting with Angelyne is recreated in the show with a character named Jeff Glasner.

Rossum also had to acquire the life rights of the real Angelyne, and for a time, it looked like the latter would also be involved in the series. The two met in a private room at The Hollywood Roosevelt, where Angelyne reportedly spent about an hour selling her signature merchandise outside before showing up for the meeting. Rossum, who had also bought Angelyne’s meditation tapes on eBay, later said that she wanted the titular icon to know that the series was a love letter to her influence on popular culture.

Eventually, the show makers did secure Angelyne’s life rights, trademarks, songs, and art. However, she did not participate in the show’s production and is not credited in it. Rossum is seemingly fine with whatever degree of involvement Angelyne chooses, saying that she respects the icon’s decision.

Since the show is ultimately based on a journalistic piece, it actually depicts a lot of details quite accurately. This includes how Angelyne’s past and details about her childhood are eventually revealed. The show, much like the article it is based on, also delves into her parents’ backstory, including how they met in Nazi concentration camps and subsequently immigrated to the US.

The search for Angelyne’s past by a THR journalist (who, in real life, was Gary Baum) is also depicted. Since the show is based on Baum’s subsequent article, dramatizing the article’s origin gives the show’s narrative a slightly “meta” feel — depicting events that actually seeded the eventual show. For example, the scene where the reporter meets an individual who claims to work at a government agency and reveals a host of details about Angelyne’s so far mysterious past. All of that actually happened and the information about Angelyne that Baum got in real life from the alleged government agency worker was independently vetted by THR.

fireshot capture 585 angelyne for governor everyone can participate youtube www youtube com
Image Credit: Angelyne Productions/YouTube

It is worth noting, however, that some parts of the story have been dramatized, as have some of the characters. Whereas the events and timeline of the show remain roughly accurate to real life, smaller details like exact locations and character names have been changed. On the show, Angelyne’s real name is revealed to be Rachel Goldman. In reality, the pink-corvette-toting Hollywood icon’s childhood name was Renee Goldberg.

‘Angelyne’ is an interestingly dramatized version of true events that infuses its central character’s ethereal sense of reality into the narrative. It stays true to its journalistic inspiration by sticking close to the major events of Angelyne’s life as they happened. However, the show still keeps its namesake’s mystery alive and fittingly depicts her in a spaceship in the final episode.

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