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The LG Kompressor Handstick with All-in-One Tower is like no other vacuum

The LG Kompressor Handstick with All-in-One Tower

LG A9 01

Sleek, versatile and hassle-free, the LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ Handstick Vacuum with All-in-One Tower™ (A9T-Ultra) is a great investment for savvy homeowners. Packed with a bevy of advanced technologies, the nifty device leaps light years ahead of the competition and puts the joy back in keeping your home spick and span.

For the cleaning fanatics, the All-in-One Tower is the epitome of convenience. Not only does it charge your CordZero handstick, it also automatically empties the vacuum bin and stores up to 6 accessories.


Take the hassle out of cleaning

Emptying the vacuum bin is a common gripe among homeowners as it is virtually impossible to ensure that all dirt is discarded without some scattering out and triggering your allergies. However, the A9T-Ultra seamlessly takes care of every step of the cleaning process for you, from vacuuming to emptying the handstick. After vacuuming, return the handstick to the All-in-One Tower and the auto emptying function will then clean out the vacuum bin, saving you time and hassle of doing it yourself. 

LG A9 02

The All-in-One Tower uses a 3 Step filtration system that captures and traps fine dust particles, ensuring that dust hardly ever re-enters your living space. Everything ends up in a 2.5L disposable dust bag in the All-in-One Tower, which can be easily replaced when it is full. To promote a more hygienic experience, a UVC LED is fitted into the All-in-One Tower to prevent bacterial growth in the dust bag.

More importantly, dual batteries ensure you with lesser chance to run out of charge. In fact, forgetting to charge your battery between cleaning sessions is now a thing of the past. When the battery is low, pop it out of the A9T-Ultra and swap in a new one. The second battery is charged in the All-in-One Tower, so it is fully charged when you need it next. Together, both batteries deliver up to 120 minutes of run time.


Unmatched performance for a deeper clean

The Smart Inverter Motor™generates powerful suction up to 200W and effortlessly eliminates even the most stubborn dust particles, keeping all your floors and surfaces spotless.

The brushless motor lifts dirt particles easily, sweeping them up into the vacuum bin. To ensure that dust never escapes into your home again, a five-step filtration system traps 99.999 per cent of dust particles as small as 0.5 microns – perfect for households with young children with allergies.

LG A9T 04

A full suite of accessories and specialised nozzles comes with the A9T-Ultra to meet all your cleaning needs. Lift dust, dirt, and pet hair from tight spaces with the Slim Power Drive Nozzle™, or reduce your cleaning time by vacuuming and moping at the same time with the Power Drive Mop™.

You can even control how much water is dispensed from the mop with the three-level water control mechanism. When you are finished, the tank can be detached for convenient cleaning and refilling.

LG A9 03

If you have carpets or rugs at home, the Power Drive™ Multi-Surface Nozzle is a great fit, while sofas and bedding can be kept clean with the Power Drive™ Mini. For something a little handier, the 2-in-1 Combination Tool can switch between a soft brush and hard nozzle, so you can dust and vacuum all at once.

Finally, with the dedicated Crevice Tool that can reach into the smallest crevices, you will never ever miss a spot again.

You don’t even have to worry about where to stow these accessories. The All-in-One Tower conceals discreet storage compartments that fit these extras – always keeping them within reach. 


Supreme ease of use

When you are ready to clean, simply activate the vacuum with a one-tap thumb touch control.

The adjustable, 4-step telescopic wand makes it easy to adjust the length according to your height, so it is comfortable to use for every member of your family. Cordless freedom lets you access hard-to-reach places, such as the top of shelves or under your sofa and bed.

LG A9T 06

Models like the A9T-UltraA9K-Core and A9K-Pro also support LG’s clever Kompressor technology, which maximises dust storage at every step of the way. It compresses dust and hair collected in the bin, increasing capacity by up to 2.4 times. This means you clean out the bin less often, saving you plenty of time.

At the end of the day, it is about cleaning smarter, not harder. The A9K-Ultra works with LG’s ThinQ™ app, which monitors your cleaning and runs diagnostics to help with vacuum maintenance.

You can also use it to check the status of the filter and when your battery is charged, taking all the guesswork out of maintenance.

Nothing cleans quite like the A9T-Ultra – and no manner of dust or debris can stand in its way. What’s more, its sleek and modern design will fit seamlessly in any contemporary home. You will never need to hide it away from sight.


Get the LG CordZero A9 Kompressor Handstick Vacuum with All-in-One Tower (A9T-Ultra) at S$1,599 at authorised retailers Audio House, Best Denki, COURTS, Gain City, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount and Parisilk. It is also available online at the official LG Flagship store on Lazada and Shopee.

For more information on the LG All-in-One Tower and the A9 Kompressor range of vacuums, click here.



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