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The Mandalorian: Paz Vizsla Is Finally Growing On Fans After Chapter 21

Of course, others were also caught off guard by Paz Vizsla’s speech to the other Mandalorians, which initially seemed like he was arguing against coming to Nevarro’s rescue. Continuing the discussion, u/Trippystayslit jokingly replied, “I can’t lie he got me in the first half. I was like ‘you *******! Why would you go against Din!'” Paz’s Mandalorian address also shocked u/dirtyswede27, who said that they started talking to themselves the instant Paz began to speak and thought Paz would offer a contrarian point, but by the end of the scene, Paz had them fist-pumping in the air.

u/muzicme4u was also a big fan of this “Mandalorian” moment and stated, “I had some goosebumps here because we really dont know Paz Vizsla here and what if he does go against Mando even if he saved his kid. But the 2nd half of the speech i had a wave of relief and probably more goosebumps.” u/wretched92425 repeated this sentiment and wrote, “That whole scene just made me love the big oaf. The solidarity that the all the mandos have together just hits me right in the feels in the best of ways. Really hoping Paz and Dinn get on even better from here on out.” Sentiments were similar about Paz on Twitter, where @basvision_bas thanked Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau for giving them the Paz they wanted since Season 1, and @giselleb1234, who shared a series of images from Paz’s speech and said that Paz is an authentic Mandalorian for his actions in Chapter 21. These comments highlight that viewers of “The Mandalorian” are definitely shifting their perception of Paz, much like how Paz has shifted his opinion on Din.



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