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The new management of Atos intends to maintain the strategic plan decried by the market



PARIS (Agefi-Dow Jones)–During a conference call, the new three-headed management team of Atos announced on Thursday that it intended to maintain the transformation plan presented in mid-June then strongly sanctioned the market.

“We maintain our confidence in our transformation plan,” said Diane Galbe, the group’s new Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DGA). “Adjustments are not on the agenda, but we are listening to our investors,” added the manager, in charge of steering strategic projects and all of the group’s support functions.

This project aims to divide the activities of the IT services company into two separate legal entities.

The first, SpinCo, will bring together its growing activities, digital as well as its Big data and security division (BDS). It would be listed on the stock exchange in 2023 under the Evidian brand. The second, TFCo, which will retain the Atos name, would be made up of Atos’ Tech Foundations line of business, outsourcing, which has been in decline for several years.

During the presentation of this strategic plan and the announcement of the forthcoming departure of its CEO, Rodolphe Belmer, the Atos share fell heavily on the Paris market.

Atos’ new management team took office on Wednesday. In addition to Diane Galbe, it is made up of Nourdine Bihmane, the group’s new CEO, who is also co-CEO in charge of the Tech Foundations activity, improving operational performance and in particular cash generation.

The team is completed by Philippe Oliva, who in addition to retaining his corporate office as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, has been appointed “co-CEO” in charge of the Digital, Big Data and Security activity, as well as the acceleration plan. and innovation for these growth activities.

-Vincent Alsuar, Agefi-Dow Jones; 01 41 27 47 39; [email protected] ed: ECH

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July 14, 2022 12:58 ET (16:58 GMT)




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