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The Noemi Scene That Went Too Far On Yellowstone 1883

When viewers first meet Noemi and her sons in Episode 3, “River,” she’s in dire straits. All three of them lack food and water, and her horses need to be hobbled. Shea and Thomas note that they’re suffering, and Shea gives her sons clean water out of his canteens to drink. He even instructs her on the many benefits of lighting a fire, as they do more than keep a traveler warm. 

In a moment of desperation, Noemi offers to marry Shea to secure her son’s safety. Shea rejects her offer, but she seems to plead, drawing closer to him to make a physical advance. He firmly pushes her away and tells her that he’ll get her to Oregon safely but won’t be her husband or her lover. Thomas tells her not to worry about Shea’s rejection and reassures her that she will attract a husband in Oregon due to her beauty. This leads Noemi to confess to Shea that one of the train’s members stole her belongings. The two men get her possessions back, which forges her relationship with Thomas.

Even though Noemi only offers to marry Shea under extremely dire circumstances, this still feels like an out-of-character gesture for her to make, especially when we spend more time with her as her courtship with Thomas progresses. While she ultimately shows strength and boldness at first, she comes off as fragile and desperate. She says that she’s worried that she’s being a “bad” widow for considering a relationship with Thomas so soon after her husband’s death before ultimately shedding her fear and connecting with him due to his steady support. Marrying a man she doesn’t love is just as big a violation of her carefully-presented moral code. It shows just how driven she is to protect her children, yet it makes no sense and stands as a confusing conundrum for fans of the character to process.



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