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The officials were held hostage at gunpoint and the road was repaired

In a village in India, local people, fed up with accidents on a bad road, took the authorities hostage at gunpoint and asked them to repair the road.

According to Indian media, the incident took place in Nurangpur, a village adjacent to the Indian city of Gurugram, which is under the administration of the local administration of Gurugram.

Government officials of the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority were engaged in construction of another nearby road with a private contractor when around 30 villagers arrived and took government officials hostage at gunpoint.

He then took them near his village and repaired the broken road there overnight.

After the incident, the police registered a case against 30 people and arrested them, the police say that the main character of the incident is a man named Hoshiar Singh, who owns a petrol pump and wanted to build a road in front of his pump.

Hoshiar Singh, however, denied the allegations and said that the villagers were worried about the dilapidated road, and about 20 accidents had taken place on the dilapidated road in the last few months.

Hoshiar Singh also says that the local administration was repeatedly requested to construct the road but they did not pay attention.

According to the police, the people responsible for the incident have also tortured the government officials, so serious charges have been imposed on them. The said persons took the government machinery with them and forced the officials to work.



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