The OnePlus Pad Go finally shows its face, and it's pretty

OnePlus released an interesting and very powerful tablet earlier this year, and the company is already looking forward to its next. We’ve been following rumors surrounding a more affordable tablet called the OnePlus Pad Go. Now, thanks to Digital Trends, the OnePlus Pad Go was shown off in a new leaked image.

The OnePlus Pad was probably one of the most interesting tablets of the year. We were all waiting for OnePlus to finally release a tablet to the world. Well, the company made its entrance into the tablet market, and it was a big entrance.

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We have an image of the OnePlus Pad Go

When the OnePlus Pad first landed, it brought a unique design, and the Go version continues that aesthetic with some slight alterations. The original OnePlus Pad has a brushed metal back panel with a unique greenish color. The Go edition incorporates the metal but not fully.

The majority of the body looks to be made from matte metal, and there’s a thin strip on the top that’s made from the brushed metal. This strip also houses the camera package. With this, we have this neat two-tone look. Also, on the back of the tablet, we have the OnePlus logo. 

Oneplus Pad Go leaked Image


Right now, we’re still in the dark about the key specs of this tablet. However, OnePlus did confirm that it will not compromise on the tablet’s display. The company COO Kinder Liu stated that this tablet will have a 2.4K display. We’re not sure about the exact resolution, but we know that it’s going to be substantially sharper than what you see on a 1080p display.

As for the software, the company confirmed that this tablet will come with Android 13 out of the box. However, users should expect the jump to Android 14 soon.

The OnePlus Pad Go will hit the market on  October 6th. That’s not much time to wait. So, if you’re looking forward to this tablet, you should mark your calendars.