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The Pixel Wallpaper & Style app's getting some changes

Folks taking part in the Android 13 beta program are cracking into the latest update that just hit Pixel devices. While it doesn’t contain any user-facing changes (there are only bug fixes really), there could be a notable change coming down the pipeline. The Wallpaper & Style app might be getting a revamp.

There are two major changes in this revamp, and one of them might confirm a recent rumor. According to recent reports, Google is planning on adding lock screen shortcuts to the Pixel launcher. This will let users set shortcuts to open certain apps like the camera, flashlight, and QR code reader along with the Wallet and Google Home app.

The Wallpaper & Style app is getting a revamp

The Wallpaper & Style screen is a bub to change the appearance of your phone’s UI. You can switch between light and dark modes, activate the themed icons, adjust the app grid, and select the color scheme of the software. We’re all used to how it looks now, but, according to XDA developers and Mishaal Rahman, there are some changes coming.

Since we’re talking about code hidden within Android, you’ll want to take this with a grain of salt. Starting off with XDA’s news, the wallpaper preview will be full-screen by default. Now, when you’re choosing your wallpaper, you’ll see a relatively small preview for both the home screen and the lock screen. If you want to see how it will look in full-screen mode, you’ll press the double-arrow icon on the bottom.

With the change, you’ll see the full-screen previews right off the bat. On the bottom of the screen, instead of seeing the Hide UI Preview and Set Wallpaper buttons, you’ll see buttons to let you switch between the home screen and lock screen previews. The Set Wallpaper button will sit on top.

Next change

The next upcoming change hints at the lock screen shortcuts. Mishaal Rahman posted a video to Twitter showing a screen recording of the Wallpaper & Style revamp. It shows that the app will be split into two sections. One section will be for the home screen settings and the other will be for the lock screen.

Each section has a small preview of the screen with some options below. In the screen recording, the only two options below the home screen preview (app grid and light/dark mode) and no options below the lock screen preview. However, Rahman speculates that this leaves room for the lock screen customizations that we’re waiting for.

At this point, we don’t know when this change will come. So far, based on the screenshots and screen recordings, the change looks pretty far along. Hopefully, there won’t be long to wait.



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