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The power of father’s jokes: Research conducted by the British Psychological Society demonstrated the positive effects of father’s jokes on children

“My neighbor gave me a new roof for free, which he said was on the house.”

by6abc digital staff

Thursday, March 23, 2023 1:07 AM

The power of dad jokes: Research shows that dad jokes enable children to be better adults

A duck walks into an apothecary and says, “Give me some lip balm! Put it on my bill.”

What about this? “My neighbor gave me a new roof for free, which he said was on the house.”

If you laugh about it (which we doubt), you might be a dad.

And if you’re a dad who laughs at that, maybe you and dad jokes are doing a real service to society.

new Study published by the British Psychological Society They dived deep into dad jokes, and found that even though they are embarrassing, dad jokes have the power to make us better human beings.

Humor researcher Marc Hye-Knudson writes that dad jokes are often derided as stupid, but in reality they are the opposite.

Part of what makes them funny is simply that they aren’t funny. The fact that they aren’t very funny is what actually makes us laugh.

This has two benefits that researchers have seen in children.

One is that he shows them the father figure’s desire to embarrass himself over and over again. The second is that it subconsciously teaches kids to be okay with embarrassment and how to respond to it.

According to the researcher, children who are constantly exposed to a sense of humor build a natural immunity against judgment and embarrassment, and become adults who feel empowered to be themselves.

Well, we used to think that a broken drum was the best gift we could give, because it couldn’t be beat.

turns up, Dad jokes May you make the best gifts of all!

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