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The PS5 Console is discounted for the first time ever in the new PlayStation sale

playstation 5

The PlayStation sale has finally resulted in a PS5 bundle discount in what appears to be the first time a PS5 console has ever been sold. While the PS5 console itself usually retails for $499.99, there is a catch God of War Ragnarok A slightly more expensive package at $559.99. This already offers buyers a bit of a savings because the console and game would normally be $569.99 if purchased separately, but in the latest PlayStation sale, the PS5 God of War Ragnarok The package has been reduced by $50 and is now only $509.99, but the deal won’t last much longer.

The unprecedented but still very welcome sale on the PS5 bundle can be spotted online PlayStation DirectPlayStation’s official platform for sales of successful first-party games as well as consoles and peripherals. Other retailers seem to be making a similar deal while stocks of the bundle last, but if you want to go the more direct and streamlined route, PlayStation Direct is your best bet.

Even with that discount in mind, it’s still more expensive to buy the bundle than to buy the base console itself, but if you need a PS5 and don’t play God of War Ragnarok However, getting this game for just $10 on top of the console itself is a steal to know how to do it God of War Ragnarok Too new to go on sale on its own. If you’re still looking for a lower price, this is it different package It comes with the game and the PS5 Digital Edition for $459.99, though that’s always been the price, so you’re not getting a bargain this time if that’s important to you.

Why this PS5 deal is happening now rather than any other time is anyone’s guess, but it’s a welcome sight for those still looking for a new console. It’s also a stark difference from what it looked like to search for PS5 consoles in the past – PS5s inventory doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the level of problem it has been in the months following a console launch, so hopefully we’ll see more sales like this going forward this year. .

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