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The Quick Golden Girls Reference You May Have Missed In Hocus Pocus 2

In order to ensure that they don’t fade into oblivion come sunrise this time around, Winifred decides to invoke Magica Maxima, a spell that grants the caster ultimate power. Every good witch knows that an incantation won’t work without the right ingredients, so Winifred, Sarah, and Mary head out to find the most important piece of the puzzle: a drop of blood from their enemy. Luckily for them, the descendants of the reverend who initially drove them out of Salem centuries ago are still around, so they head to Mayor Traske’s (Tony Hale) house to secure their boon.

However, the Sanderson sisters aren’t the only magic act in town this time. Becca, Izzy, and Cassie are slowly forming a coven of their own, and thanks to Gilbert’s supernatural instruction, they’re able to trap the sisters in a circle of salt in the Traske garage. When Mayor Traske arrives back home after a less-than-stellar Halloween, he’s not amused by “the gothic Golden Girls” and their old-timey insults. 

If you’ve ever seen “The Golden Girls,” you’ll know that it’s actually a pretty great comparison. Winifred’s killer side-eye and sarcastic sense of humor are reminiscent of Dorothy (Bea Arthur), Sarah’s dreamy, flirtatious personality matches up perfectly with Blanche (Rue McClanahan), and Mary is often the butt of a joke, similar to Rose (Betty White). Just like the Golden Girls, the Sanderson sisters stick together through thick and thin, an admirable trait that both sets of women share.



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