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The Rookie: Feds Fans Have A Bad Feeling About Candice After Episode 14

When Simone first meets Candice in “The Rookie: Feds” Episode 14, it seems like Candice might be able to help Simone rapidly advance her career. However, Simone eventually realize that Candice may only be interested in her for the sake of presenting her branch of the FBI as diverse, rather than for her skill, which she vocally protests by the episode’s end. Fans too criticized Candice as a result, like Twitter user @RobertMWalker2, who described her as someone willing to do whatever it takes to improve her lot in life, and not the compassionate face she presents to others. A “Rookie” franchise podcast called Shop Talk likewise characterized Candice as someone driven by ulterior motives. Meanwhile, user @casi_gignac simply wrote, “Not sure I trust what Candace is up to.”

User @JJSea similarly argued that Simone is too smart for Candice’s scheming, posting, “Candace you’re gonna learn today, Simone isn’t going to be bullied into being used as a mouthpiece.”

Currently, Candice actor Paula Marshall is credited on only Season 1, Episode 14 of “The Rookie: Feds.” Given how she complicates Simone’s life, however, it’s entirely possible she might eventually be back to get under viewers’ skin at some point in the series’ future.



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