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The Sea Beast: Where You’ve Seen The Cast

Viewers can finally see Netflix’s anticipated animated movie The Sea Beast on July 8th, 2022. The project has an abundance of notable talent behind it, including the writer and director, Chris Williams, who wrote and co-directed Moana, and a cast that’s been in projects from  The Boys to The Crown

The Sea Beast tells a tale of an era when monsters lived in the sea and monster hunters sought them. The most famous of these hunters is Jacob Holland (film and TV veteran Karl Urban), who is joined by Zaris-Angel Hator’s Maisie Brumble. While viewers can expect beautiful animation and memorable monster designs, it’ll also be exciting to see what the cast can bring to their roles from their diverse previous projects.

Karl Urban – The Boys (2019- )

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Urban plays Jacob Holland, a beloved monster hunter in The Sea Beast. Urban has been in a variety of different projects including The Lord of the Rings and Star Trek, but the one he is most well known for currently is The Boys, where he plays “supe”-hunter Billy Butcher. This series is about a secret organization of vigilantes called The Boys, led by Billy Butcher, who try to kill corrupt superheroes.

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Urban’s Billy Butcher is a violent anti-hero who hates superheroes. While Billy does have a past with an abusive father and Homelander sexually assaulted his wife (resulting in a powered child), he lets his hatred of superheroes consume him. His hatred has expanded to the point that he doesn’t make any exceptions and treats all superheroes as evil. This is a far darker and less family-friendly role than he plays in The Sea Beast.

Dan Stevens – Downtown Abbey (2010-2015)

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Stevens plays Admiral Hornagold in The Sea Beast. Stevens has a wide variety of projects in live-action, animation, and – in one case – motion capture (Beauty and the Beast). His most well-known project is Downton Abbey, where he played Mathew Crawley. Downtown Abbey is about the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants.

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Stevens’ Mathew had a very dramatic romantic relationship with Mary, his distant cousin and one of the Crawley sisters. He also goes from being a lawyer to becoming an Earl. His relationship with Mary takes a tragic turn after he is first paralyzed in World War One and is later in a road accident just as his son is being born. This role shows that Stevens is capable of playing tragic characters with complex relationships, which may come through in The Sea Beast.

Jared Harris – The Crown (2016-2017)

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Harris plays Captain Crow in The Sea Beast. Harris has had many character roles, but one of his most well-known is depicting real-life King George VI in The Crown, which tells the story of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Harris’ King George VI is a very sympathetic, if short-lived, portrayal of the man whose death is the catalyst for the rest of the series. This is a very important role despite its short run time. Harris is known for taking small roles and elevating them to something memorable for viewers, so fans are confident that he’ll deliver a solid performance in The Sea Beast. 

Kathy Burke – Elizabeth (1998)

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Burke plays Gwen Batterbie in The Sea Beast. Burke is known for playing a variety of different character roles, but one of her most well-known parts is her portrayal of real-life Queen Mary Tudor in Elizabeth. This movie covers the early years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

Burke’s Queen Mary Tudor was a very over-the-top portrayal of the real-life queen. Queen Mary was portrayed as a mostly evil religious zealot who wanted to kill her sister, Mary.  While this portrayal was over the top at times, she did have sympathetic moments – such as her husband leaving her to go to Spain and her phantom pregnancy.

Marianne Jean-Baptiste – Without a Trace (2002-2009)

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Jean-Baptiste plays Sarah Sharpe in The Sea Beast. Jean-Baptiste has had a number of parts through the years in both British and American productions. One of her most well-known performances is on the American series Without A Trace, where she played Vivian Johnson. This series is about the FBI missing persons squad that tracks down missing people by applying advanced psychological profiling.

Jean-Baptiste’s Vivian Johnson had a strong presence in the series and was the leader of the team, Jack’s (Anthony LaPaglia) right hand. Vivian had a dramatic storyline – she almost got promoted as the new leader after Jack was to move to Chicago for his wife’s promotion. After his wife decided she wanted a divorce, he was reinstated as leader. This caused Vivian and Jack to fall out until she developed a deadly heart disease.

Zaris-Angel Hator – Victoria (2018)

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Hator plays Maisie Brumble in The Sea Beast. Hator has featured in several projects, but one of her most memorable is her first role as Sarah in the Victoria Christmas episode, “Comfort and Joy.” Victoria is about the early reign of Queen Victoria (Jenna Coleman).

Hator as Sarah is very sympathetic as a young African girl who feels out of place in Victoria’s court.  She feels a sense of loneliness due to being a “gift” to Queen Victoria when she would much rather stay with the kind Forbes family, who she had already stayed with. Victoria tries to make Sarah feel at home with her and the palace, being rightfully horrified by being gifted a human being. Sarah is central to the plot of this episode, also causing conflict between Victoria and Albert, as Albert resents Sarah’s presence. This is impressive that Hator was able to play such a central role at such a young age, and fans are excited to see how she contributes to The Sea Beast.

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