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The Silent Hill director says that the Blooper team is working on the Silent Hill 2 remake


Rumor has it that Blooper Team is in the works Silent Hill 2 Remake True according to film director Christoph Gans.

He spoke in an interview with French media MaG – Movies & Sports (Thanks, ResetEra, via IGN) The Silent Hill movie director said that multiple games from multiple teams at Konami are in the works.

Cannes said he was working with the same Silent Hill team he worked with on the first film in the franchise, and we assume that’s how he got the information.

“I know a little [next Silent Hill game]. I work with the original creators, the Silent Team. I’m working with Konami,” Gans said.

“I work with the original creators at Konami, the Silent Team, and as we speak, there are several games in development that have multiple teams, with large-scale games, that I think will revitalize the franchise. I’m very inspired by the success of the Resident Evil remakes, which are exceptional games.”

When pressed by the outlet, the “yes” blooper in the Cannes interview says the team is working on a Silent Hill 2 remake.

Of course, his comments still aren’t direct confirmation from Konami, so we’ll have to add that to the current stack of evidence.

In February 2021, Blubber Group announced that it was working with a “prominent gaming publisher” on an existing horror franchise, with many speculating that the project was a Silent Hill game. The following month it was confirmed that the publisher would be Konami. In May of this year, images purporting to be a Silent Hill reboot appeared online thanks to leaker Dusk Golem. Konami quickly issued a DCMA, resulting in the images being taken offline.

In late May, rumors surfaced that Blubber’s team was developing a remake, with word that several Silent Hill projects were in the works. When July rolled around, Blooper’s team finally addressed the rumor, but neither confirmed nor denied it.

While all signs point to a yes on the Blubber Team Silent Hill front until an official announcement is made, we’ll have to file everything as rumours. Konami may reveal the next Silent Hill project during The Game Awards 2022. This would be the perfect place for a surprise announcement, but who knows? This is just wishful thinking on our part.

The Silent Hill director says that the Blooper team is working on the Silent Hill 2 remake

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The Silent Hill director says that the Blooper team is working on the Silent Hill 2 remake

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The Silent Hill director says that the Blooper team is working on the Silent Hill 2 remake

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