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The Sims Creators share the Project Rene update

Electronic Arts treated The Sims players with some news Renee Project This week, last year’s new Sims game announced that it will be the next major game in the franchise. Grant Roddick, the director of the game working on it Renee Projectshared an update to the game confirming that playtests are already underway and that the team has plans for more of these in the future to incorporate player feedback into the game’s development. Renee Project However, it’s still years away, so playtests and occasional updates like this are what gamers have to look forward to right now.

Roddick talked about it Renee Project After about three minutes of the video below where he confirmed the news of the run tests and that these types of tests were actually done. He tempered expectations for a timeline for this game early in the conversation by reminding people that this project is a long way off.

“We’re very excited to finally put this experience in the hands of some of our players,” said Roddick. “Well, a little bit of experimentation. What we’re doing is playtesting in the early days, and that’s just the beginning of an incredibly long journey. There’s a lot to do, and I’ve been talking for years, but it’s exciting. We’re moving on and things are finally starting to happen.”

These playtests consist of small parts of the game being put into the hands of a “limited number of people” to see what works and what doesn’t, Roddick said. For these first playtests, this process consisted of letting people experience an apartment customization feature where players place and manipulate pieces of furniture to customize a space to their liking.

As for the current and future situation renee project, Rodiek has plans the team has in mind next.

“At the moment we are really focused on analyzing our recent playtest so that we can use this information to improve the game. We have a long way to go to make Project Rene great. But for now we need to present our tools to our players in a better way. We need to make the experience mobile It’s more intuitive, and we need to keep experimenting with how we can curate and recommend other player-generated content content to other players, until you find the best things that will make your game better. So there’s a lot that we need to figure out to put into our current build. So again, it’s Really early days. We’re trying to analyze the last test and really see what we’ve learned and what we can do about it to make the game even better.”

The Sims players can expect to run “regular updates”. Renee Project Through future summits and tests, Roddick said.

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