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The Tonight Show Workers Reveal A Nightmarish Glimpse Into Jimmy Fallon's Erratic Set

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All of this is disturbing enough to read about a supposedly beloved staple of American television. However, the personal confessions of former employees are harrowing to read. Many said they experienced physical symptoms of stress — including hair loss, anxiety attacks, rapid weight loss, and thinning nail beds. Some stated they sought therapy after leaving the show. Other employees told the outlet that it was common in the workplace to mention suicidal thoughts and ideation.

Between Fallon, former showrunners, and a seeming lack of systemic support from the NBC network, this report paints a devastating picture of what happens when powerful people in power have unchecked power in the entertainment industry.  However, what remains to be seen is what this piece will lead to next. If these claims are as accurate as they seem to be, will this lead to a reckoning at “The Tonight Show?” Will other talk shows or television sets heed these warnings? 

“I love comedy,” a former employee on the show said. “I gave my heart and soul to that place. I want to see them succeed and do well. But for that to happen, there are major changes that need to take place, starting with Jimmy. They all need to dig their heads out of the sand and do something about the very obvious problems that we all know are happening.”

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