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The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?




With Netflix releasing one gripping reality dating series after another, it’s no surprise that ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On‘ has fans of the genre hooked from the get-go. After all, even though its basic concept is slightly similar to ‘Temptation Island,’ its uniqueness comes from the fact that the end goal for most participants is the promise of forever — marriage.

Coming from the Kinetic Content production company — the creators of ‘Love is Blind‘ — this show follows already established couples over eight weeks as they ascertain whether to commit entirely or part ways for good. So now that we’ve gotten invested thanks to ‘The Ultimatum’ season 1, let’s find out everything there is to know about the potential season 2, shall we?

The Ultimatum Season 2 Release Date

‘The Ultimatum’ season 1 premiered on April 6, 2022, on Netflix, with the season coming to a close on April 13, 2022. It comprises ten episodes with a runtime of 38 to 58 minutes each.

With regard to season 2, here is what we can tell you! Less than two weeks before the series first landed on Netflix, the global streamer announced that it has already greenlit the show for a second round. It actually did so through a boy band parody video featuring stars from ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ and ‘Love is Blind,’ along with Nick Lachey. The lyrics state, “Marry or Move On, it’s time to decide if the grass is greener on the other side. It’s called ‘The Ultimatum,’ and it’s dropping two seasons. One of which is queer with mostly women.”

Therefore, it is evident that even the production process for the season in question is well underway, that is if it hasn’t already been done and dusted. With all these details, combined with Netflix’s release track record, we can expect ‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ season 2 to release sometime in Q2 2023.

The Ultimatum Season 2 Hosts and Cast

Since Nick and Vanessa Lachey hosted the show’s first round, we can expect the celebrity couple to be back for the new installment. After all, they do seem to be the face of Netflix’s relationship-based reality shows. Season 1 of ‘The Ultimatum’ revolved around six heterosexual couples – Lauren and Nate, Rae and Zay, April and Jake, Alexis and Hunter, Shanique and Randall, and Madlyn and Colby. But the new installment will feature a queer, mostly female cast.

When asked about inclusion, producer Chris Coelen recently told Variety, “…we want to be representative in all kinds of ways and we are figuring out ways to do that.” So, we can surely look forward to a whole new group of intriguing people who will participate in the new season. Unfortunately, it’s unclear as of writing exactly who the participants of season 2 will be.

What can The Ultimatum Season 2 be About?

‘The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On’ season 2 is likely to follow the same format as season 1, wherein couples on the verge of marriage will take center stage. The show features people in a relationship where one of them is ready to take the next step and get married, while the other has doubts holding them back. That is what leads to an ultimatum by the former.

It is at this point that the experiment begins — the original couple separates and dates others from the pool of cast members. After a 3-week-long “trial marriage” with possibly a new partner, they reunite with their initial lover. Thus, the participants get a glimpse of their two very plausible futures, following which they’ll have to decide which one they want for good.

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Where is Servant of the People Filmed?



Servant of the People 2 2

Created by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, ‘Servant of the People’ is a Ukrainian political satire comedy show about Vasily Petrovych Goloborodko. As a history teacher, Vasily is passionate about the political happenings within the country. One day he delivers a profane rant in the school about the corruption within Ukraine’s administration. He does not realize that one of his students is filming his outburst and later posts it on the internet. The video makes the teacher widely popular, leading to Vasily being elected as Ukraine’s president.

The series has garnered local and international recognition due to its unique premise and Zelenskyy’s real-life term as Ukraine’s president. Apart from the almost prophetic nature of the series when it comes to the comedian’s life trajectory, the show is also known for its hilarious punches and on-point visuals. The backdrops within the scenes help portray a realistic version of events leading to the satire being as captivating as possible. If you want to know where the show is filmed, we have all you need to know!

Servant of the People Filming Locations

‘Servant of the People’ is filmed primarily in Kyiv, Ukraine. The shooting for the first season of the series lasted until the Fall of 2015. In August 2016, the production company started filming season 2 of the political satire. Let’s take a closer look at the details of the filming location.

Kyiv, Ukraine

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, served as the primary production spot for ‘Servant of the People.’ Given the political theme of the series, filming within the country’s capital seems to be the most appropriate. The city has a rich history dating back 1500 years ago. The origins of the city are shrouded in mythical legends and inconclusive data. Nevertheless, since its establishment along the banks of the Dnieper River, Kyiv has served as a prominent location for monarchs and traders.

Throughout history, Kyiv has remained a central point between many empires and one of the prominent points of contact for the Eastern Slavic nations. The city also served as the primary location for the Christianization of Kievan Rus’ and the establishment of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The region’s rich culture can be attributed to its large population and geographic significance. Given its influence across Eastern Europe, Kyiv was regarded as one of the jewels of the Soviet Nation. However, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Kyiv became the capital of the newly formed nation of Ukraine.

Due to its status as the country’s financial and political center, Kyiv became integral to Ukraine’s entertainment industry. Kvartal 95 Studio, founded by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Serhiy Shefir, and Boris Shefir, is also located within the city. The production company is responsible for bringing the political satire show to the public. Apart from Kvartal 95, several other filmmakers have also lensed their projects within Kyiv, like ‘Chernobyl‘ and ‘The Last Mercenary.’

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Where is So You Think You Can Dance Filmed?



So You Think You Can Dance 1

Created by Simon Fuller and Nigel Lythgoe, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ or ‘SYTYCD’ is a competitive dance show. The reality series features contestants from across the country who show their skills through different dance styles. Each season, participants enter the open auditions held all over the USA to impress the judges and the audience. The person who stays until the finale and makes the most impact wins the show that year.

Hosted by Cat Deeley, the dancing show has given several dancers a chance to showcase their skills on a public platform. From classical to hip-hop, viewers see these talented people try and perfect every style of dance. The performances are made better thanks to the backgrounds and props that the dancers can use. If you are wondering where the competition is filmed, here’s all you need to know!

So You Think You Can Dance Filming Locations

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ is produced primarily in Los Angeles, California. The series is lensed in front of a live audience to provide an authentic reaction to the performances. Live auditions also take place in cities like New York and New Orleans. Let’s take a closer look into the specifics of the filming locations.

Los Angeles, California

The dance show, ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ is filmed in Los Angeles, California. Specifically, the performances are lensed at Studio 36 in CBS Television City, located at 7800 Beverly Boulevard, Fairfax. The show revamped its stage in the studio after the pandemic. It is circular in shape and surrounded by lights on all sides. Thanks to almost 120 cameras, the viewers can see the best angles of the dance routines. The general public can purchase tickets available for the event to be a part of the show’s live audience.

Inaugurated on November 16, 1952, the CBS Television City, or Television City, is a well-known studio complex within Los Angeles. Originally meant as a secondary shooting location by CBS, the space is now the master control facility for CBS’s west coast television network operations. In 2018, the network sold the property to Hackman Capital Partners, a real estate investment company, and now exclusively leases the place.

Television City has served as a production spot for several projects, no matter their affiliation with CBS. The complex has been used by several reality shows as a venue for their performances. Some of the most popular competitions lensed in the studio complex include ‘American Idol‘ and ‘The X Factor.’

Other Filming Locations

Aspiring participants of the show have to submit a dance video on the online portal of the reality show. The shortlisted contestants get a callback and perform in the live auditions. While the location of said audition changes every year, prominent cities like New York and Los Angeles are almost always on the roster. Places like New Orleans have also hosted similar events for the reality show.

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