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The variety of offers, the best valued by online buyers

What is the typical purchase path of online shoppers? What do you expect from e-commerce? In which type of online store do they finally make their purchases and why? To understand the expectations and motivations of european consumers, Ipsos Y Octopia have carried out a new study in several European countries that has revealed that the access to a wide variety of products and brands is he highest rated benefit by online shoppers.

The survey, carried out between some 1,000 online shoppers per country, highlights that this is the benefit best valued by more than half of consumers (55%). In the case of Spain63% of those surveyed place the variety of the offer among the top three benefits.

Second, have access to opinions about products and sellers (51%) is perceived as a key benefit (58% in Spain). Third, they refer to the possibility of comparing prices between sellers of the same brand (fifty %). In the case of Germany (54%), this criterion ranks second.

In addition, 43% of the respondents mention the fact of having access to complementary offers between categories also among the three main benefits of ecommerces.

More than half of online shoppers start their search on a multi-brand site

“The long tail deal, which represents 95% of the products in a given category, but concentrates a smaller proportion of purchases, has a very precious value in the eyes of online shoppers: it allows them to confirm their choices by giving them an almost complete view of the offer available in a certain category. The online buyer thus has a better visibility of the quality-price ratio of the products that he puts in his basket»points Maxime Tasin, Director of Business Consulting and Client Success at Octopia.

“This offer would be too expensive for online merchants to manage and store, so Octopia offers them the opportunity to enrich their offer with that of other sellers by relying on the online marketplace model”Add Tassin.

According to Julien Dupuy, Director of Business Development and Customer Experience at Ipsosthis is true regardless of the sector of activity: “At Ipsos, we work with clients from a wide range of industries, and the challenge for many e-commerce sites today is move from a generalist approach to a specialized one. Thus, a site will stand out in its category because it is specialized and will become a reference site».

Asked about his last online purchase55% of shoppers said they started their search directly from a multi-brand site. Specifically, 41% directly accessed a generalist e-commerce (Cdiscount, Amazon, etc.)

The data show that only 15% visited a specialized site in the product category. 76% of online shoppers are aware of the existence of ecommerces (82% in France compared to 75% in Germany) and 53% (58% in Spain) made their last online purchase in an ecommerce and only 16% made their last purchase on a site that offered only its own products.

Main expectations of online shoppers

In general, the main expectation of buyers is be guided and supported in their choices.

According to the study, 85% rank this expectation in the top three. Specifically, it is about power. compare the technical aspects of different brands and products (39%), have access to product and seller reviews (34%) and knowing that if they change their mind, they can return the product (27%).

Save time ranks second on this podium: 61% consider saving time to be important. In addition to saving time, a efficient logistics allows online shoppers to better manage their time: the ability to search and save items in your shopping basket during the lunch break, to shop in the evening after dinner and to plan to receive the chosen item at home at a certain time, or leave it at a collection point if home delivery is not the best option for them.

Lastly, the budget monitoring is, once again, the third most important expectation of buyers: 47% consider the criterion of budget control important.

Reviews and detailed sheets of products and after-sales service, main engines of trust

Regarding the main characteristics that would inspire confidence in an ecommerce that they have never used, the first factor that inspires confidence is the quality and detail of the information available in the place.

The presence of reviews and ratings of products and/or sellersor the access to detailed product sheetsis the essential dimension to inspire confidence ranked in the top three by 70% of buyers.

The second factor is based on the quality of after-sales service and complaints: 56% of Europeans consider this dimension as one of the three main factors that inspire confidence.

Third place is occupied by site reputation: 39% rank it among the top three factors that inspire confidence. This criterion is even more important for Spaniards (44%). In addition to working on its notoriety and visibility, online sellers must also work on ‘word of mouth’, as more than a quarter of Europeans (26%) place this element among the top three factors that inspire confidence. In the case of France, this figure rises to 35%.



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