The Viral ‘AI Health Filter’ on TikTok: Can It Really Detect Your Illness?

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TikTok has found yet another AI filter trend and it’s called the Health AI Filter trend. Well, we have come across plenty of AI filter trends so far. But the one that’s going viral right now is the health-related filter that claims about detecting one’s health. So, can you know your health with the “Health AI Filter” trend?

Read ahead to know more about Health AI Filter trend that goes viral on TikTok.

Health AI Filter trend goes viral on TikTok

Over the years there have been so many new filter trends on TikTok that’s going viral. Many of which use the AI technique. Recently too we came across many AI filter trends that would transform the images into something unexpected.

@shannon.ra I’m freaked out…this is what I got after only one try! 😳 I was only messing around and didnt plan to post. #mysterysymptoms #moldtoxicity #cirs #inflammation #womenshealth ♬ The Hanging Tree – James Newton Howard

However, the Health AI Filter trend is certainly not what you have come across previously. The AI filter like any other trend changes the images into something different and unique. Yet, there’s been claims about this trend that it can tell you about your health as well.

How to try out the Health AI Filter trend of TikTok?

Surely, you must be keen to know how the Health AI Filter trend works on TikTok. All you need to begin with is open TikTok and go in the search bar. Then type AI style and search. You’ll then get to use this filter. Click the screen to use the filter. This will turn your image into some uniquely generated image.

But guess what? The trend has been making claims about telling about your health. So, how can you know with the help of this trend what’s your health status? Here’s what users who have tried this filter have been saying. You can with the help of generated images find out about your health too.

Users’ reaction to TikTok’s Health AI Filter Trend

TikTok users have tried the viral Health AI Filter trend and have been saying the generated image depicts about user’s health. Like if you get the image of your turned into a blue statue covered with moss. Then it means the user is having mold toxicity.

@royalechristine Theres a trendcthat these filters pivk up on health problems. #ai #aihealth #sicktok #healing #heal ♬ die (sped up) – lucidbeatz & key kelly

Users have certainly found the trend to be creepy with what it implies about one’s health. One of the users even wrote about the trend saying “Well this is really scary because it showed moss on the place where I had a brain tumor”. Although how true all of that is yet not known.

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