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The Viral ‘WPS’ Slang Taking Over TikTok – What Does It Mean?

TikTok has found a new trend of an acronym and it’s “WPS” with multiple meanings for the same. Well, in the past to we have come across many such trends of acronyms that went viral. But with the latest WPS acronym, everyone is left thinking about what the trend could be all about.

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s viral acronym WPS trend and its meaning.

TikTok finds a new acronym WPS to go viral

TikTok has been an obsession and so does its trends and challenges. With new evolving trends on TikTok. Some acronyms, glitches, and confusing trends have come along too. This time too we have got one such trend that everyone is talking about and it’s the WPS acronym trend.

Yes, WPS is an acronym going viral on TikTok and many are confused about what that stands for. Well, the WPS acronym might have a different meaning for different people. But here we are to let you know the one meaning of it that’s making it go viral on TikTok.

What’s the meaning of acronym WPS on TikTok?

Although you might have come across many acronyms on TikTok before like with hashtags GRWM and POV which stands for Get Ready With Me and Point Of View respectively. The acronym WPS is not known to many on TikTok. The acronym actually implies White Person S**t.

Now, before you think it’s something bad or offending. The trend of WPS on TikTok talks about things that only White people do and it’s nothing bad related to them. The trend could be about telling how white people talk in a certain way or do certain kinds of parties like ugly sweater parties and so on.

Users’ reaction to the acronym WPS of TikTok

Users of TikTok have recently come across the WPS acronym trend of TikTok. Where they have been sharing videos on the same talking about something hilarious that white people do be it their friends or known ones.

While many are yet to know what this acronym is all about. Not to miss, despite the trend that talking about a specific race hasn’t been going viral for offending anyone. Rather the trend has been making people try it themselves and make everyone love it.

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