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‘The Way Home’: Andie MacDowell on Whether Del Knows About the Pond

Hallmark Channel’s The Way Home has raised plenty of questions heading into its season finale on March 26. From the mystery of what happened to Jacob to the overarching question of whether it’s possible to change the past, the time-travel series isn’t afraid to grapple with some big issues. The show also has yet to reveal exactly how many people know that time travel is possible. While Kat, Alice, and Elliot are all aware the pond is a portal to the past, it’s not yet clear if Del is in on the secret. But Andie MacDowell thinks she probably has her suspicions. 

Andie MacDowell thinks Del knows something about time travel  

Andie MacDowell in ‘The Way Home’ Season 1 Episode 10 | ©2023 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Michael Tompkins

MacDowell joined several other The Way Home cast members for a live chat (via YouTube) with People’s Breanne Heldman ahead of the show’s season finale. When asked whether Del knew that people could time travel to the past via the pond on her farm, MacDowell said she thought she probably knew something was going on. 



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