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The Witcher's Night Shoots Took A Major Toll On Anya Chalotra

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Following up on Freya Allan’s account of her toughest day on the “Witcher” set, Anya Chalotra proceeded to recount her most difficult days, or, in her case, nights. In Season 2, Yennefer had quite a few scenes that took place during the night, and for the actress who portrayed her, these were by far the hardest to get through.

“For me, it was whenever there was a night shoot,” Chalotra said. “I find night shoots really hard because I’m cold. I say this every interview, but I genuinely do really suffer in the cold and I can’t think, so it’s really difficult.” The actress also referred to herself as a perfectionist, a quality that was at odds with the fact that she could not completely commit to saying her lines due to the low temperatures.

Speaking to The Guardian, Chalotra expanded on how her perfectionism influenced her view of her performance and the role she played: “I suppose because I exposed so much of myself in season one – it was actually fulfilling, because it just means I have done everything now – I really have shown so much of myself to the world, and being a perfectionist I’m like: well, I’ve done that bit now. I’ve done the ‘learning in public’. Am I better now? I dunno. We’ll see.”

Hopefully, Chalotra didn’t suffer as much from the cold when filming the forthcoming and highly anticipated Season 3 of “The Witcher.”



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