”There are some gifts you shouldn’t receive” – Pastor Emmanuel Iren cautions Nigerian Pastors

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Pastor Emmanuel Iren of Celebration Church International had a stern word of advice for Nigerian Pastors on the matter of receiving gifts.

He gave an instance of a young boy who had brought to church a tithe of one million Naira, and he rejected it after the boy told him it was his school fees.

Pastor Emmanuel went on to tell Nigerian Pastors that it isn’t every gift given to them that should be accepted, citing the instance above as reference.

He said no Pastor should demand for a huge monetary seed of faith from students because it will promote fraud.

Also, he said that Pastors shouldn’t receive huge monetary gifts from widows, which might inconvenience them.

Going forward, Pastor Emmanuel Iren also reprimanded a certain Pastor abroad, who made some of his members go into debt because he asked them to make huge monetary gifts.

Pastor Emmanuel Iren’s message sparked a lot of reactions from his followers, and here’s what they had to say;

boi_sixer wrote, “How do your explain the widow that gave her all in the bible ?”

lanimastyleng wrote, “Apostle Joshua Selman, Apostle Femi Lazarus, Pastor Iren Pastor Jimmy, Pastor Bolaji Idowu and Pastor Amos Fenwa. These men of God speaks the truth.”

all_fortified_blueevee wrote, “This one na God messenger o..l wanna ask, is he single?? Asking for a friend ooo”

austineangelo wrote, “He’s saying this because he has cashed out. He started with all these things he is condemning now. Anyways, kudos for even talking about it”

thefoodnetworknig2 wrote, “Personally, I don’t believe students should even pay tithes! They are not working, they’re only sent pocket money from the person working!”

symply._maya wrote, “A man of God that has sense and is also good-looking too abeg is he single?”

officialchic_chi wrote, “Anything for clout, a typical Nigerian cannot reject a million naira”