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This start-up offers to reveal the hidden talents of your employees to make your teams work better

What if your employee did a job for which he was truly made, and his “innate talent” was put to the service of your team or your company? The question is asked by Map & match, relate our colleagues from Figaro, Friday, August 26. The start-up promises, as we can read on the company’s website, “to ‘map’ the innate talents of each employee and their impact in a collective project and to ‘match’ them, then, to the challenges of the ‘company”. Founded in 2018, Map & match starts from a presupposition. To be effective, each person must be in the right place. It is therefore necessary to identify what everyone likes to do, and conversely, what everyone does not like to do within the teams. “The idea is not to present what you are worth but what you like to do. We do not evaluate, we reveal”, underlines with our colleagues Fazila Rialland, the general manager of the start-up.

Schematically, there would be several profiles: that of scout, designer, finisher, creator… A person who, for example, likes to create would be in his place, and therefore more efficient, at the launch of a project, than to the finalization of the latter – although she can do this final part of the project quite well, but it will require more energy from her than that carried out “by taste”. The two founders, Margaux Grisard and Chantal Gensse, explain that they have built an algorithm which makes it possible to identify the innate, even hidden talents in each of your employees. The start-up, which has around forty customers, would produce a real map of each company, a way of visualizing, for example, the profiles to be recruited, or the skills to be developed internally.



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