TikTok: ‘E/N’ Takes Over BookTok: What Does It Mean and Why Is It Trending?

You might have come across certain videos on TikTok that’s having the code “E/N” on it. Though it isn’t new for certain codes to appear on TikTok and go viral suddenly. The latest trend of E/N has something connected to stories and we have its meaning available for you as well. So, what does E/N means on TikTok?

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s viral trend with E/N and its meaning.

TikTok finds a new code going viral as E/N

TikTok is the hub of trends and those trends literally can be about anything. We have seen in the past few years how even a glitch can turn into a trend on TikTok. Recently, we came across another such trend that shows codes like E/N appearing with some videos.

But this code definitely has a meaning that many of you might not have come across. Yes, the code E/N is something connected to Wattpad stories that users have been sharing on TikTok. But what exactly does that mean?

What’s the E/N code going viral on TikTok?

You may see certain Wattpad stories on TikTok shared to be having the discussion of E/N. E/N basically stands for Enemy’s Name. It is mostly found in NSFW-type content having some blanked and explicit words. There in the stories, E/N is about a third party about whom the writer has an opposing view.

So, the word E/N implies the enemy’s name in the story on TikTok. Users have been sharing their views on the same too. As many tried to find the meaning of the viral term E/N. Not to miss, previously many such trends like the Y/N trend too became popular on the platform.

Users’ reaction to the TikTok’s E/N Trend

TikTok has literally billions of users. It is possible that contents don’t take much time to go viral often creating confusion about certain trends. Well, with the E/N trend too we got to see some confusion among users on TikTok trying to know what the code stands for.

Users even went to comment about it on TikTok and other social media platforms. One of the user wrote, “TikTok is slowly convincing me to read a book someone published on Wattpad should I do it”. Similar reactions flooded the internet over the E/N trend.

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