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TikTok: How To Get Lensa Ai Images as Social Media Trend goes Viral

A new filter app called Lensa is going viral among users and social media just can’t get enough of it. Well, it isn’t new for any kind of filter to go viral on the internet. As users find it fun to try on their images and see what the results bring. Meanwhile, now we have got one more such filter app for all to try that you surely must know about it.

Read ahead to know more about the filter app Lensa going viral on the internet among users.

Lensa filter app goes viral on internet

Previously on TikTok, we found so many filter trends going viral among users. As the AI-generated images were fun for the users to try. That gave them unexpected and amusing results often. Meanwhile, back again we have one more viral filter and that’s Lensa.

Well, Lensa is a filter app that’s available for iOS and Android to try. The results of this filter have amazed lots of users so far. As it brings a pic that’s AI-generated that looks so different and amazing. The filter app Lensa has literally made all fall in love with it and here’s how you can try it too.

How to try the Lensa filter app?

The Lensa AI filter app is an amazing filter app that you can try on your pics. All you need to do is select some images to have this filter on. As it will take a few seconds and then ultimately you’ll have your AI-generated image ready.

The images through this Lensa filter app have made users’ images turn into amazing pics. Some have been turned into pics similar to ones on movie posters. While some look something straight out of a tv show character. You can try and see the results yourself.

Users’ reaction to Lensa filter app

Users have always loved to try any sort of filter app. Meanwhile, some time back even AI filter apps went viral on TikTok. But the one with the Lensa filter app is surely making everyone try it at least once. As the pics created from this filter app are amazing.

For all those who have tried the Lensa filter app. The images generated through the app have been shared by the users on TikTok and other social media platforms. That has excited other users as well to give the filter a try.

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