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TikTok: “I Feel Bonita” Trend Meaning and Video Explored, How to participate?

TikTok has found a new viral trend on the platform and it is “I Feel Bonita” trend. In the past times to we have seen some similar trends making all try it. While now we have one more called the “I Feel Bonita” trend. But in case you haven’t come across this one yet. Then here’s everything to know about it.

Read ahead to know more about TikTok getting a new trend with “I Feel Bonita”.

TikTok’s new obsession is “I Feel Bonita”

TikTok has got several trends on the platform that goes viral for its sound. Well, “I Feel Bonita” to is the sound trend of TikTok. Where one trying the trend says “I Feel Bonita” to one of the question. But for all those who haven’t tried it yet.

The trend comes from an animated series on Fox, Family Guy. The viral sound of “I Feel Bonita” comes from the 11th episode, season 16 “Dog Bites Bear”. Where the viral sound of the trend comes in a conversation between Chris and Brian.

How to try the viral “I Feel Bonita” trend of TikTok?

If you haven’t tried the viral “I Feel Bonita” trend of TikTok. Then here we are to tell you how to try this trend. As in this viral trend, one of the people will be asking the other person “Do you or do you not feel Bonita?”. Then the other person has to say “I Feel Bonita”.

Many are however not aware of what Bonita means. So, the term Bonita is actually a Spanish word meaning “beautiful”. After the trend, the person says “I Feel Bonita”. The other one would again say “Wonderful, because you look Bonita”.

Users’ reaction to the viral trend of “I Feel Bonita”

TikTok and its users are just loving every trend that seems to them fun to try. With the latest “I Feel Bonita” trend too they have been thinking to try it. While already there are thousands of videos on the viral sound on TikTok going viral.

@melon.n.finn Bonita Melon ???????? #cat #catsoftiktok #melonnfinn #foryou ♬ HEYYY WAIT A SECOND – THEREALFIERY

In fact, there have been millions of views on them too. Some of the users have tried this trend with their friends. While many even tried this with their family members. In case you haven’t tried it yet then make sure you it try it once and see the reaction on same.

@thecarlinfamily She had me ✨GLOWING✨ #fyp #thecarlins #dadsoftiktok #dad #daughter #toddlersoftiktok #parentlife #bonita #viral #trending #4u #trend ♬ HEYYY WAIT A SECOND – THEREALFIERY

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