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TikTok warns in opposition to the Banana and Sprite problem as development resurfaces in 2022

The Banana and Sprite drawback is among the many dangerous traits that TikTok has warned in opposition to after it resurfaced in 2022.

Recently, streamer iShowVelocity tried the event, which has led to many questioning – what would possibly the combo of a fruit and soda most likely do to your physique?

TikTok isn’t new to questionable traits and plenty of prospects benefit from them with out contemplating of the implications. The infamous Banana and Sprite drawback is one such improvement you need utterly steer clear of.

What is the Banana and Sprite Challenge?

Like many various challenges associated to Sprite, the event we’re going to give attention to is deemed harmful.

The Banana and Sprite Challenge is reportedly “older than TikTok” and is solely a modified mannequin of the distinctive Sprite Challenge.

The drawback, as a result of the determine suggests, entails consuming two bananas after which consuming a bottle of Sprite.

At first, the event may seem harmless, notably when compared with the Mentos and Coke drawback, nevertheless TikTok prospects’ response to it clearly reveals why you shouldn’t try it.

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TikTok warns in opposition to the event

While not loads evaluation has gone into the hostile response of consuming bananas after which consuming Sprite, it can probably nonetheless make you sick.

Not solely do two bananas adopted by a can filled with soda fill your stomach previous its functionality, many TikTok prospects who tried it ended up throwing up immediately. And some, merely can’t stop burping when the stomach rapidly begins to reject it.

Videos on TikTok related to the issue embody the warning: “participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt”

So, must you come all through any content material materials displaying the Banana and Sprite Challenge, we urge you to report it.

Learn from iShowVelocity’s experience

The improvement started making the rounds on the Internet on October 21, after iShowVelocity posted films of himself doing the questionable improvement.

The streamer is seen throwing up rapidly after.

He felt so sick that he allegedly called 911, claiming “something was wrong with his digestive system” after consuming three full bananas and consuming a bottle of Sprite.

iShowVelocity beforehand tried the Big Straw Challenge solely to slame it when he ended up gagging and choking.

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