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TikTok: What is The ‘Side Eye’ Trend? Viral Video Explored

“Side eye” is the new trend on TikTok that’s going viral and we have many thinking about what it means. Well, not just on TikTok but the “Side eye” trend is trending all over the internet. While you might have come across many trends on TikTok before that originated from the comment section of TikTok. The “Side eye” trend is something similar yet different.

Read ahead to know more about the “Side eye” trend going viral on TikTok.

Side eye” trend on TikTok goes viral

TikTok has been a hub of trends that makes users enjoy them from time to time. While over time we have got plenty of new trends to try. What we are lately seeing trending on TikTok is the “Side eye” trend. That’s making users try it.

@c1tystar that was powerful #fypシ #sideeye ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Some of the users have been even confused over the famous “Side eye” trend of TikTok. Well, in case you are too unaware about the same. Then here’s what it means as the trend takes over TikTok and other social media platforms.

What does the “Side eye” trend of TikTok means?

Though the “Side eye” trend is going viral on TikTok and even on Twitter. Many are still confused about the trend. Well, the “Side eye” trend is just another trend of TikTok that uses the phrase “Side eye” to react to the videos of the users. Though it has a specific meaning to it for sure that you must know.

On TikTok, the phrase “Side eye” means that one is expressing his or her displeasure or dislike of something. Users have been using this trend on social media platforms to express their dislike as the phrase means. As they have been mentioning it in the comments section of the videos on TikTok or elsewhere.

Users’ reaction to the viral “Side eye” trend of TikTok

Users have been loving trying out a new trend every time on TikTok. As of now, we have the “Side eye” trend to make them go obsessed over it. The “Side eye” trend has made users try it by making them comment on the videos of others with the phrase “Side eye” implying they didn’t like something.

However, some even believe that this trend is one of the worst trend on TikTok. As some of the users have been finding this viral trend to be annoying and old as well.

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